March 2, 2023

Change Your Classroom with Q-NEX Solution

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Change Your Classroom with Q-NEX Solution


As society progresses in healthcare, education, and other areas of increasing demand. From traditional analog teaching to digital multimedia teaching equipment, which requires information technology for a deeper level of penetration and development. The widespread use of video equipment is the most direct reflection of the improvement of education and the soft and comprehensive strength of schools. Nowadays, multimedia is becoming more and more important in teaching and learning, and multimedia has become an indispensable and important part of the modern campus. Video conferencing, interactive recording, and distance learning systems are all products or services developed to better achieve information sharing and improve school efficiency and education quality development. Campus audio systems can transmit and form a unified management center and real-time communication between field staff through audio, ensuring that the teaching environment audio and video transmission work properly.

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The field of education is accompanied by the development of information technology, and the development of changes in the field of education will inevitably affect the development of technology and education. Due to the rapid development of information technology, various new models and methods of education and teaching have emerged, which have caused a great impact and influence on education and teaching. The continuous innovation of learning content and teaching methods involved in the field of education will make all teachers, students, and parents feel excited. The diversification of learning methods today has led to the emergence of various new learning styles. Different teaching methods can be used at different stages of education to better achieve students’ learning interests and goals, as well as to better develop students’ creative and hands-on skills and improve their learning efficiency. The content of education and teaching will also change and show a diversified trend: from the traditional knowledge transfer mode to a new learning mode combining knowledge and skills. This will provide students with a better learning experience and help to provide better information resources for education.

Multimedia classroom

The multimedia classroom in the traditional classroom refers to the form of the classroom used to display multimedia teaching content. Nowadays, teachers’ offices and teaching environments are becoming more and more diverse to better meet teaching needs. And to achieve these requirements must be upgraded and optimized for the current variety of audio-visual equipment. The traditional classroom teaching area is composed of a blackboard, projector, computer, tape recorder, air conditioner, tables and chairs, and other hardware equipment. The multimedia classrooms used by teachers today have many media resources and functions as well as certain synergy between multimedia classroom functions, thus enabling the sharing and efficient, stable, and rich presentation and sharing of all teaching resources and content for teachers. It can be said that teachers and students use their expertise with various equipment and software to cooperate to do the work they need to do. Thus, teaching efficiency and quality can be improved, and at the same time, favorable factors are created for teaching and learning, laying a good foundation for the development of education.

About Q-NEX - Video 1
About Q-NEX – Video 1

Smart Campus 

With the continuous development of education informatization, the construction of smart campuses has become an important part of the development direction of schools. The concept of a “smart campus” has been developed for all aspects of school development. The audiovisual system under the concept of “Smart Campus” can effectively realize the resource sharing of the campus video monitoring system and the integration of educational resources. It supports the unified management and sharing of campus video monitoring system resources and remote control of the network environment to meet the needs of school teaching and management. It supports the construction and application of school informatization teaching system, teaching management, comprehensive evaluation, curriculum reform, and other levels, and plays a great effect on campus informatization teaching and management, providing a more high-quality and comprehensive systematic audiovisual solution for the construction of the smart campus, playing a positive role for education management departments and schools to further improve the level of school informatization teaching and promote the healthy and rapid development of schools. At present, the smart campus system is mainly divided into four sub-systems: security monitoring system, network environment management system, network application platform, office automation system, and equipment management system. It realizes the information management application functions such as systematic management, information analysis, and application automation based on the needs of smart campus construction, and improves the level of campus informationization.

Remote Recording Classroom

A remote recording classroom is a new type of classroom with recorded teaching as the main form and students as the main role. Its main feature is the shared use of teaching videos, and students watch video courses for learning in a classroom at the same time, which realizes the sharing of resources and enhances the classroom effect. The remote recording classroom system enables students from different subjects and classes to share information resources so that teachers can fully utilize the advantages of students in the information technology environment. Online courses can be realized effectively. The online classroom can synchronize data among students from multiple regions, schools, and different subjects or classes. Also, by uploading videos by teachers or students, the sharing of video materials can be better achieved so that students can better grasp the knowledge.

Q-NEX solutions can provide solutions for different teaching scenarios according to the actual needs of users.

The main product of Q-NEX, the Networked Media Processor, integrates a classroom amplification system for digital audio broadcasting and controls the power of the interactive flat panel, projectors screen, speakers, lights, electric door, and more, which provides an all-in-one, easy-to-manage solution that seamlessly connects these systems into one smart network.

Now upgrade your traditional classroom into a smart one with Q-NEX solution, like Lecture Hall Solution, Classroom with Lecture Capture System, etc.

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