July 5, 2023

Supercharge Your Workplace with the Smart Conference Room Solution

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Supercharge Your Workplace with the Smart Conference Room Solution


Many managers of medium and large enterprises have experienced frustration due to inefficient meetings, tedious preparations before meetings, poor projection effects during the use of conference rooms, and lack of interaction among participants. The Smart Conference Room Solution will help you unlock the maximum potential of your team, bid farewell to unproductive and dull meetings, and unleash the productivity and creativity of your team. It simplifies the communication process and facilitates making the right decisions.

In today’s fast-paced business world, effective communication and seamless collaboration among team members are crucial for successful decision-making. The most recent information we have on this subject comes from a report called “The State of Business Communication in 2023” conducted by the Harris Poll on behalf of Grammarly. The study shows that 72% of business leaders believe effective communication is essential for project completion and team collaboration, and 52% of knowledge workers agree. The Smart Conference Room Solution will serve as a catalyst for team success.

Imagine breaking free from spatial constraints and enabling online remote collaboration between teams through advanced AV control systems. With seamless multi-terminal connectivity, work is no longer restricted by devices. The Smart Conference Room Solution helps people experience the power of seamless communication, enabling easy collaboration and fostering vibrant creativity. The conference room of the future is within reach—are you ready to embrace it?

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1. Enhancing Communication and Collaboration

Imagine stepping into a conference room that transcends the boundaries of a typical meeting space. Envision a place where communication flows effortlessly, collaboration is a breeze, and ideas ignite. This is not a distant dream; it’s a reality with the Smart Conference Room Solution. Designed to transform your conference room into a hub of productivity and engagement, this innovative AV control system breathes new life into your meetings. Say goodbye to mundane gatherings and welcome a dynamic environment where ideas thrive, teamwork excels, and your business soars.

2. Unified Control and Management

Gone are the days of wrestling with multiple remote controls and tangled cables just to get your audio and video devices in sync. Enter the Smart Conference Room Solution and its game-changing Q-NEX Networked Media Processor (NMP). Serving as the heart of your conference room, this powerful device seamlessly integrates with your professional audio and video system, providing unified control and management. No more distractions or technical hiccups – with the NMP, operating your devices becomes a breeze, freeing up your time and energy for meaningful discussions and impactful presentations.

3. Intelligent Wireless Mic System: Clear and Engaging Communication

Communication lies at the core of successful meetings, and the Smart Conference Room Solution takes it to new heights with its Intelligent Wireless Mic System. Imagine experiencing crystal-clear audio, regardless of your position in the room. This system goes beyond the norm by connecting PTZ cameras to enable real-time tracking of speakers. The result? Everyone in the room can see and hear with utmost clarity. And with support for up to 83 wireless gooseneck mics within signal coverage,up to 4 speakers can engage simultaneously, fostering dynamic discussions and amplifying engagement among participants.

4. Central Control by Touch Panel: Simplifying Room Management

Simplicity is the key to a productive meeting, and the Smart Conference Room Solution simplifies room management like never before. Say farewell to the confusion of navigating multiple devices and settings. Say hello to the sleek and versatile Touch Panel. This intuitive control center puts the power at your fingertips with its user-friendly graphical interface. From controlling audio and video devices to adjusting volume, switching HDMI images, and even managing IoT devices like lights, air conditioning, and electronic curtains – the Touch Panel empowers you to effortlessly manage your conference room, maximizing efficiency and minimizing distractions.

5. Wireless Screen Sharing: Effortless Collaboration

Unleash the true potential of collaboration with wireless screen sharing like this. The Smart Conference Room Solution enables you to bring your own device and seamlessly share your ideas with the team. Gone are the days of fumbling with cables or struggling with compatibility. Whether it’s your laptop or mobile device, wireless presentation capabilities allow you to wirelessly display your content on the office screen, stimulating brainstorming, and facilitating dynamic discussions. Embrace the freedom to share ideas effortlessly and watch innovation flourish within your team.

6. Scheduled Tasks for Efficient Management

Efficiency is the backbone of successful meetings, and the Smart Conference Room Solution understands this well. With the incorporation of scheduled tasks, you can automate various device settings to ensure a smooth start to your meetings. Picture walking into a fully prepared room – lights on, air conditioning adjusted to the ideal temperature, curtains gracefully open, and displays powered up and ready to go. By automatically managing device power states, the Smart Conference Room Solution saves you valuable time and enhances the overall efficiency of your meetings.


In a world where effective communication and seamless collaboration are paramount, the Smart Conference Room Solution stands as your key to transforming your workplace. Bid farewell to dull and uninspiring meetings, and welcome an environment that fosters innovation, engagement, and productivity. With its unified control and management, intelligent wireless mic system, central control touch panel, wireless screen sharing, and scheduled tasks, this solution empowers you to take your meetings to new heights. Don’t wait another day – upgrade your conference room today and unlock the true potential of your team!

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