March 6, 2023

Q-NEX Smart Solution for School Multimedia Control and Management

Q-NEX Smart Solution for School Multimedia Control and Management


Q-NEX focuses on smart school solution that with a Networked Media Processor (NMP) as centerpiece, to realize centralized device control and AV over IP distribution across campus. We aim at simplifying school’s AV assets and the IT admin’s work.

Here are 3 keywords to cover the solution features: Control, Management, Broadcast.

· Control

1. Local control for teacher, through the desktop control panel to turn on/off classroom equipment (projector, projection screen, interactive touch screen, computer, visualizer), switch different AV signal sources, speaker & mic volume control, etc.

2. Remote & mobile control for IT admin, through web-based Q-NEX Console & smartphone Q-NEX APP to realize centralized control of all the classrooms, set schedule for each device automatic on/off.

· Management

1. Assign different user access to different classrooms / teacher offices / conference rooms (teacher need to swipe IC card to activate the control panel)
2. Device statistics (use frequency / power consumption / failure rate)
3. Device failure report (teacher report device failure via Q-NEX app, IT admin keeps track of the repair via Q-NEX console)

· Broadcast (with Q-NEX Media Server)

1. Scheduled broadcast task for text, audio & video
2. Live broadcast for school events, principal speech, etc.
3. Free selection of broadcast destination: to different groups of classrooms or multiple campuses

The whole system is based on WAN, therefore as long as the classroom has internet access, the NMP can be easily deployed to work, which also makes the solution scalable. For the IT admin, the control and management is without limit whether he’s using his laptop or smart phone.

For more details of the solution application, welcome to contact our specialist team