March 6, 2023

Simplify Classroom Operation by Q-NEX Solution


Simplify Classroom Operation by Q-NEX Solution


Q-NEX classroom solution is at a good offer for demo testing now!

What is Q-NEX NMP?Q-NEX NMP is short for networked media processor, it is a IP-based control system, designed for assisting IT admin to regulate school facilities and freeing teachers from complicated operations of devices in a multimedia classroom. What can be connected to Q-NEX NMP R120?
Learn MoreWhat the gift IQSound PS410 is?
The spec is as below, and the daily sales price of this model is 150 USD!This event is to encourage our valued partners to test the above newly released Q-NEX NMP, and it applies to each partner for ONLY ONE set, and the total stock for this event is only 20 sets.
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