March 3, 2023

Q-NEX Lecture Capture System for Recording Class


Q-NEX Lecture Capture System for Recording Class

When we think about the lecture capture system, great deals of us might obtain intimidated by the complicated procedure of the gadgets as well as shed instructions at the same time. Intelligence supplies a simple systemnot just for recording class lecturesas videos, yet likewise for live streaming to allow online discovering. Q-NEX includes a Video clip Terminal, Auto-tracking video cameras for educator and also students, Ceiling Mic and also Online Director System, supplying an effective yet easy option for lecturecaptureclassroom.

One touch record and streaming.

The Video Station is incorporated with a 11.6″” touch screen. Users can start video taping or live streaming lecture by simply touching on the built-in display, which not just provides clear preview pictures, additionally enables on-screen modifying and also directing.

Capturing multiple input resources.

The Video clip Terminal sustains connection of 2 cameras with 4 scenes. Besides, there’s HDMI Input readily available for external computer link, so that the educator’s courseware can also be tape-recorded as a mixed video. The final videos outputed will consist of a combined video clip and also several independent video clips for every input source specifically.

Auto-tracking electronic camera.

Both 4K ePTZ cameras are capable of capturingfour various scenes consisting of close-up or view of both the teacher and trainees. Featured with auto-tracking technology, the cams can switch wisely in between scenic view as well as close-up sight while capturingthe class.

Large range voice pickup.

The omnidirectional microphone with 6 meters grab span will instantly concentrate on the existing speaker and also captureclear sound. It’s with an audio processor to identify human voice from background sound as well as make sure best sound quality.

Real-time & Online guiding.

Users can choose the split-screen mode during the lecture captureor include program info/ institution logo and so on directly via on-screen operation on the Video clip Terminal. A remote director system is readily available for on-line directing and also managing the multiple scenes, additionally editing the final video clip with specific cutting and also merging.

Real-time streaming your combined video clip.

Setting up a real-time online course is only at the click of a switch. Through remote or on-screen operation, customers can broadcast the mixed video to Youtube, various other online streaming platforms as online class for distance learning. The systemsupports RTSP/RTMP/TS streaming protocols.

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