March 3, 2023

Extend Every Classroom Experience by Q-NEX Lecture Capture System

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Extend Every Classroom Experience by Q-NEX Lecture Capture System


Media Solutions for Developers.

From flipped teaching to remote understanding, lessons today expand far past school wall surfaces. Lecture Capture Technology makes it possible to develop interesting, interactive videos on a schedule on the fly, on demand, or online. Plus, it immediately releases them on your eLearning system to watch whenever, apparently you can show in your rest.

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Just hit document.

One-click to shoot videos, record talks, and capture screens. And all those videos, recordings, and screengrabs magically sync right into your LMS or VLE. It doesn’t get a lot more streamlined than that.

Set up and manage all your recordings on one single dashboard, despite which software application, hardware, or a combination of the two was utilized.

Save it for after class.

Recordings can consist of 5 auto-detect slides as well as various streams and chapters. Wait till you find out that publishing goes on even if you logged out if you believe that’s awesome.

Courses of communication.

Spare no tool in the quest to engage trainees. Crank up recordings video quizzes, captions, hotspots, and phases. Even better, produces an interactive viewing experience where they pick what plays following side-by-side and picture-in-picture views.

Find out what involves your learners as well as what web content results. Lecture capture comes with integrated Q-NEX’s advanced analytics that offer data and understanding on viewership, user-level heatmaps, and relative evaluation.

Help them find their own answers.

If an instructor documents a video however no person finds it, does it still make an influence? Probably not. However, that’s not a trouble when you have actually automated transcriptions as well as metadata removal for far better search and discoverability on the Kaltura system.
“We have actually taken the philosophy that points require to be straightforward, they need to be easy to use, they need to be incorporated. Kaltura LectureCapturemeets that standard.”.

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Utilize our online lecture capture to broadcast guest lecturers and reach remote students. Then release the recording so your web content resides on.
David Duchovny and Kaltura tackle digital learning…

Q-NEX’s objective is to power any type of video clip experience. Our broad array of video remedies is released globally across hundreds of businesses, media firms, service providers, as well as universities, leveraging video to educate, learn, connect, work together, and entertain.

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Q-NEX’s mission is to power any kind of video experience. Our vast selection of video clip remedies is released globally throughout thousands of businesses, media firms, service providers, and universities, leveraging video clips to teach, learn, interact, team up, and delight.

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