March 2, 2023

Q-NEX IoT Solution 

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Q-NEX IoT Solution 


The Internet of Things, or IoT, is a new branch of technology that’s rapidly moving into the mainstream. It’s an advanced, innovative product that must keep pace with The Times and ensure that the performance is reliable, the function is available and easy to use, and implementation can be expanded.

According to these guiding ideas, combined with the actual application situation of campus, Q-NEX smart campus solution is based on the realization of integrated control of all equipment in the classroom. It also applies campus audio, visual, and digital broadcasting and integrates other systems as the basic idea.

On this basis, we should constantly integrate into other systems so as to maximize the utilization of resources and avoid repeating construction so as to improve the construction of campus information.

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Q-NEX Smart Campus Solution

One is the integration and control of the equipment in the classroom. This includes our smart classrooms and other devices such as projectors, screens, or even microphones. We can also integrate with your existing infrastructure, whether that means integrating with your existing projector or connecting via a wireless network. We also offer a full range of accessories to help you get started with your new hardware and software. Our team will work with you to customize your projectors so they work seamlessly with our system.

The second technical core is an automated broadcasting system around public environments (such as hallways, cafeterias, libraries, etc.). This allows us to create a cohesive experience for students throughout the school building by providing them with information about events happening around campus through public displays throughout the school building.

The Q-NEX smart campus solution is a one-stop solution for the smart campus. It can connect all the data of the school through the Internet and the communication protocol of the Internet of things to realize the unified networking of equipment, service back-end, and service front-end. At the same time, it can also realize cloud control of equipment. The media workstation can store courseware and broadcast files to achieve private cloud storage and use. If the network condition of the school is good, it can even be set up on a cloud to realize cloud broadcasting. Each classroom is equipped with an embedded network central controller that communicates with the cloud. At the same time, each embedded network central controller integrates all major devices in a classroom through a 2.4 GHz wireless protocol and power control module to realize physical networks among devices in classrooms.

Main Functions

Devices Control

Our IOT platform is the perfect solution for your business. Whether you’re looking to manage a single device or multiple devices across multiple locations, we’ve got you covered.

We provide control over one-click power on/off, switch audio and video inputs and sources, and control the production of single devices. You can also select multiple devices to achieve batch control!

Our platform allows you to view local and remote device linkage status, switch status view; and check the on/off status of connected external devices such as projectors.

Schedule Management

The IOT is a smart home system that can be controlled by schedule management. For example, equipment control tasks can be timed to control the light switch, equipment switch, air conditioning Settings, input source switching, curtain lifting, and door lock switch. Broadcast control tasks can be timed broadcast audio, video, or text. You can set the broadcast duration and playlist cycle. Supports the simultaneous execution of multiple tasks.

Audio & Video Broadcasting

You can set audio and video broadcasts, play a single file, or set a playlist. You’re free to switch the play order, and you can loop your playlist if you’d like. You can also choose whether or not to make your broadcast mandatory. You can set the text of your broadcast, and fill in the title, body, and broadcast duration.

Cloud Disk Resource Management

Public and personal disks are two types of cloud disk resources. Public disks can be stored in the public files, shared, and downloaded at any time or through the broadcast control broadcast. Personal disks can be stored in the teacher’s private files, without U disk, and can be downloaded at any time or through the broadcast control broadcast. You can upload and download files freely, create folders for classification, and retrieve the files you need.

Master-slave Classroom  

The new IOT will allow you to share resources and main classroom pictures with your team.
IoT supports manual and automatic startup modes.

Live classroom

The live classroom has been designed to make it easier than ever for students to watch the broadcast of their favorite class. Instead of congregating in the auditorium, students can watch the principal speak live on classroom television for any public announcements.
Multiple broadcasting rooms can be created, and multiple broadcasting rooms can be broadcast simultaneously.

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