September 1, 2023

Q-NEX Digital Podium Smartens up Your Lecturing Environment

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Q-NEX Digital Podium Smartens up Your Lecturing Environment


Digital podiums have been widely applied in different places like classrooms, conference rooms, auditoriums, boardrooms, training rooms, and seminar halls. It really helps lecturers, presenters, teachers, and professors to better interact with students or audiences with more eye contact interaction. However, the digital podiums deployed in these places come with complex device controls such as inconvenient AV contents switch, and lack of enough ports and interface for easy integration with other classroom devices. What’s more, places like the auditorium and lecture hall that are deployed with digital podiums lack connectivity with the whole campus, unified control with other in-room devices, and more importantly network-based remote control and management. In this article, we will explore how the Q-NEX digital podium NDP100 brings about highly automated and highly intelligent lecturing environment by integrating with all the in-room devices with unified control and management via Q-NEX app and Q-NEX platform.

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1.What is the use of digital podium

A digital podium is also known as a smart or interactive podium. Its applications span across educational, corporate, and presentation contexts. It provides speakers, presenters, and educators with an integrated platform that seamlessly incorporates a multitude of digital tools. This integration aims to elevate their abilities in communication, engagement, and the overall quality of their presentations. but what are the advantages of the Q-NEX digital podium over the traditional podium?

2. Traditional digital podium versus Q-NEX digital podium

Compared with a traditional digital podium, the Q-NEX digital podium really stands out for several of its functional advantages and hardware features.

2.1 Q-NEX digital podium make-up

Before starting, it will be good to look at what a traditional digital podium is composed of.

2.1.1 Traditional digital podium

Traditional podium is generally composed of a display, built-in computers, magnetic pen, document camera, and some other connectivity ports USB ports, HDMI inputs/outputs, network connections, and so on.

2.1.2 Q-NEX digital podium

While the Q-NEX digital podium is pretty much the same in its makeup. However, Q-NEX digital podium is equipped with Networked Media Processor (NMP)

It incorporates a LAN switch, AV matrix switch, wireless mic system, AV decoder, power relay, digital amplifier, and serial control module. Therefore, it outperforms traditional digital podiums in terms of device integration, centralized control, and network-based control and management. And let’s go into detail about its advantages.

3. Device control at a one-stop

Q-NEX digital podium offers versatile AV ports, control ports, and LAN ports supporting easy integration with other in-room devices such as interactive displays, speakers, TVs, air-conditioners, electrical curtains, document cameras, and so on. This means by integrating all these devices into the Q-NEX podium, you can control all these in-room devices conveniently at one stop, without having to walk around and look for different controllers to control devices like air-conditioners, interactive displays, and so on. Users can just control all the devices connected to it like powering on or off and so on.

4. Automation schedule

Apart from controlling the devices using the touch panel on a daily basis by the teachers, the IT administrator can actually set the device automation for all the devices connected to the Q-NEX digital podium. For example, an IT administrator can set the device power on or off time for devices like interactive displays, air-conditioners, lights, and so on. That way devices can be turned on or off automatically according to the predefined time. It saves school IT demonstrators from doing routine tasks repetitively every day while maximizing their work efficiency. Additionally, teachers will never have to worry about their forgetting to turn off a device.   

5. Effortless AV contents switch

Not just powering or turning off the devices connected to the digital podium. You can actually cast different convenient AV contents to the big screen without having to do the manual AV switch. Q-NEX digital podium offers a touch panel that allows you to switch to different AV contents with one tap such as switching to your laptop computer, to document camera, and so on.

6. Campus-wide connectivity

Q-NEX digital podium allows you to stay connected with the whole campus for AV broadcasting and rich cloud-based teaching resources. We all know that AV broadcasting is an indispensable part of the campus for things like emergency notifications, school principals delivering speeches, and so on. With the Q-NEX digital podium, IT administrators and school principals can easily perform emergency notifications with the app anywhere any time on campus, while school principals can deliver a real-time public speech campus-wide in their offices as AV equipment connected to the Q-NEX podium will start playing automatically.

7. Easy device integration and upgrade

Q-NEX digital podium enables you to easily integrate more devices for its versatile AV and control ports with centralized control and management, which is particularly useful when you want to integrate the existing devices to it or replace the old devices with new ones. Really very convenient for device expansion.  

8. Share lectures across campus

Q-NEX digital podium improves teaching resource accessibility and enhances education fairness. How do we share precious lecturing by a famous professor or popular scholar with more students on the campus or those learning remotely? With a digital podium in a lecture hall or auditorium and so on, lectures from anywhere on the campus can be shared to places where the Q-NEX digital podium is deployed.  IT administrators can easily live stream the class from one place to the digital podium-installed auditorium or lecture halls.

In conclusion, the digital podium from Q-NEX brings about an intelligent and highly automated lecturing environment. It allows you to integrate all the existing in-room devices like interactive display, air-conditioner, electrical curtain, and document camera for centralized control and management via the Q-NEX touch panel, and its network connection allows you to control the digital podium and its integrated devices remotely over Q-NEX app or Q-NEX platform. Moreover, the digital podium allows you to access greater cloud-based resources to better engage students with diverse AV content. Apart from fostering audience engagement and interactivity, the Q-NEX digital podium allows you to stay connected with the whole campus for AV broadcasting and to gain access to precious teaching resources anywhere on the campus.

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