May 30, 2023

Pioneers of Audio Visual Design Services for Education

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Pioneers of Audio Visual Design Services for Education


Q-NEX, a subsidiary of Returnstar Interactive Technology Group, is a global leader in audio visual design services for educational institutions. With 17 years of experience, Q-NEX offers innovative smart campus solutions encompassing centralized AV control, multimedia device management, and IoT connectivity across schools and universities.

Q-NEX’s networked media processors

Q-NEX’s networked media processors provide the backbone for their smart campus solutions. These powerful integrated device control systems are custom designed to meet the unique needs of educational environments. Q-NEX solutions give school IT administrators comprehensive control over all AV and electronic facilities. They also simplify the operations of multimedia classrooms, allowing teachers to focus on teaching.  

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Q-NEX’s Integration of AV, Security, and Control

Through their planning, design, and integration services, Q-NEX creates flexible and scalable smart campus solutions based around each school’s specific needs and existing infrastructure. Their technology converges audio visual tools, digital signage, voice amplification, security, lighting, and HVAC into a single cohesive system accessible through user-friendly control interfaces. With a Q-NEX solution, educators can manage multiple devices simultaneously, automate schedules, monitor systems remotely, and troubleshoot issues, all from an intuitive central control platform.    

Q-NEX’s Innovative Smart Campus Solutions

At Q-NEX, the mission is to keep innovating purpose-built products and audio visual design services to help schools adopt advanced educational technologies with ease and confidence.

Q-NEX’s End-to-End AV Consultation and Design for Smart Campuses

Q-NEX aims to continue optimizing smart campus solutions that converge device control across all areas of a school’s digital environment, achieving more interactive classrooms, simplified AV management, and an enhanced experience of the campus facilities as a whole integrated system. Schools rely on Q-NEX as a trusted partner for end-to-end audio visual consultation, design, and implementation.

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