January 5, 2024

Network Mastery: Network Configuration for Presentation Switchers

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Network Mastery: Network Configuration for Presentation Switchers


Networked Presentation Switcher NPS100 is our recently launched conference room product, which can be influential in promoting collaboration, sharing, and communication in online and offline meetings. To ensure the smooth and efficient operation of the Networked Presentation Switcher NPS100, it is crucial to understand the complexity of network configuration. In this article, we will delve deeper into the network configuration of Networked Presentation Switcher NPS100, helping you master network configuration skills to ensure smoother and more efficient operation of Networked Presentation Switcher NPS100.

1. Installation: Prerequisite for network configuration

Before understanding the Network Configuration of NPS100, we must provide installation guidance because a smooth and complete installation is the first step toward smooth functionality. Advanced NPS100 aims to provide a worry-free installation experience.

1.1 Convenient installation of NPS100

The installation process of NPS100 from Q-NEX is simple, achieved through bracket screws and comprehensive instructions. Which can complete safe and stable installation. You can easily install the device using the instructions provided inside the packaging and the bracket screws to achieve a safe and durable structure.

1.2 Lightweight appearance of NPS100

The advanced NPS100 can be installed in a concealed location to ensure that it does not occupy unnecessary space or damage the room’s aesthetics. This feature is precious in meeting rooms or conference spaces, as maintaining a clean and professional appearance is crucial. NPS100 can seamlessly integrate into the environment, allowing attention to focus on ongoing content and discussions. In addition, the compact and lightweight design of NPS100 enhances its versatility and ease of installation.

Due to the integration of multiple interfaces and connection functions, the compact appearance of NPS100 makes it suitable for various installation scenarios, whether installed on the wall, placed on the desktop, or integrated into existing AV device settings. The lightweight characteristics of NPS100 facilitate easy installation and ensure easy repositioning when needed.

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2. The way and form of network configuration

NPS100 has diverse interfaces. As a USB hub with KVM function, NPS100 can connect a USB keyboard, USB microphone, USB drive, and USB mouse. Through the audio-out interface, the audio that needs to be transmitted can be amplified and enhanced through the output SoundBar. The RS232 interface can be connected to the camera, and the relay port can be connected to Q-NEX lights. The LAN port can be used with the Smart Touch Panel to facilitate centralized management of smart devices in conference rooms.

2.1 Connecting Two PCs to NPS100 via HDMI and USB Interfaces for Enhanced Presentations

Connecting the Networked Presentation Switcher NPS100 to the USB keyboard and USB mouse through the USB interface can provide greater operational freedom and control flexibility for meetings.

2.1.1 Operation and control

To enable conference participants to operate and control the presentation content easily, NPS100 provides powerful KVM functionality. Through the USB interface, it is possible to connect the USB keyboard and USB mouse to the NPS100. In this way, conference participants can use the keyboard to input text, quickly search for information, and use the mouse to click on the screen for interactive operations. The flexibility of this Operation and control helps improve the smoothness and efficiency of meetings.

2.1.2 Multimedia presentation

Multimedia control makes presentations more vivid and engaging, enhancing information dissemination’s effectiveness. Connecting the USB keyboard and USB mouse allows conference participants to conduct multimedia presentations efficiently. They can use keyboard shortcuts to control the switching of slides, adjust the volume, or use the mouse to click on the screen to play videos, adjust the screen, and so on.

2.1.3 Real-time interaction and annotation

Real-time interaction and annotation functions can promote interaction with the audience, making the meeting more lively and exciting. The connection between the keyboard and mouse enables meeting participants to interact and annotate in real-time, such as using the mouse for real-time annotation or keyboard shortcuts for real-time editing.

2.1.4 Remote control and collaboration

The conference host or speaker can remotely control the presentation content by connecting the keyboard and mouse without direct contact with the device. They can move freely in the conference room and interact with the audience while efficiently controlling the presentation, achieving collaborative editing and joint control, and improving team collaboration efficiency.

2.2 Smart device control via LAN interface and Smart Touch Panel connection for seamless automation

The integrated Q-NEX Touch Control Panel like this can be used as a control center by connecting to NPS100. This combination of connections is beneficial for administrators to control multiple devices in the classroom centrally.

2.2.1 Power control of classroom equipment

By connecting NPS100 and Smart Touch Panel, power control of classroom equipment can be achieved. Users can quickly turn the power of various devices on or off, improving energy management efficiency.

2.2.2 Video matrix switching for classroom equipment

NPS100 can switch video matrices, which can be connected to the Smart Touch Panel to switch between different video sources. Users can use the interface on the Smart Touch Panel to select and switch between various video sources.

2.2.3 Control air conditioning power, temperature, and mode

The innovative Q-NEX Touch Panel connected to NPS100 can also control the classroom’s air conditioning system. IT administrators can adjust the power, temperature, and air conditioning mode through the Smart Touch Panel interface to meet the classroom’s comfort needs.

2.2.4 Control the projector on/off and the electric screen up/down

The connection between NPS100 and Smart Touch Panel can also achieve control over the projector and electric screen. IT administrators can quickly turn the projector on or off and control the rise and fall of the electric screen through the interface on the Smart Touch Panel.

2.2.5 Adjusting microphone and speaker volume

The intelligent Q-NEX Panel connected to NPS100 can also be used to adjust the magnitude of the microphone and speakers. Users can easily adjust the volume level through the interface on the Smart Touch Panel to ensure the quality of audio output and the appropriate volume level.

2.3 Effortless Omnidirectional Audio Pickup by Connecting to Speakerphone S330 via USB Interface

The Speakerphone S330 has a built-in echo cancellation algorithm that can be connected to NPS to ensure a face-to-face communication experience for online meetings, making sound transmission clear and audible.

2.3.1 Improve voice quality

The omnidirectional audio pickup function of the Speakerphone S330 can capture the voices of attendees from different directions, including the voices of speakers and listeners. Everyone’s voice in the meeting can be grasped and transmitted, improving voice quality and reducing communication barriers caused by unclear agents.

2.3.2 Promote free communication

Omnidirectional audio pickup allows attendees to comfortably sit or move around the speakerphone, and speak freely, as their speech in the conference room can be captured by the Speakerphone S330.

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2.3.3 Improve meeting efficiency

Through omnidirectional audio pickup, communication between attendees becomes smoother and more efficient. Speaking freely around the speakerphone, the sound will be captured, avoiding information loss and misunderstanding, thereby improving the efficiency of the forum and the accuracy of decision-making.

2.4 Seamless connection to TE1200 PRO via HDMI cable for enhanced audiovisual experience

The smart IQTOUCH TE1200 PRO can be said to be the most valuable interactive flat panel for conference rooms in 2024.

2.4.1 Touch and interactive functions

The smart IQTOUCH TE1200 PRO supports multi-touch and handwriting input, allowing attendees to operate, annotate, and interact directly on the screen, enhancing conference participation and efficiency.

2.4.2 Multimedia playback and content display

The advanced IQTOUCH TE1200 PRO can display various images, videos, and audio formats. Its multi-channel input energy can also facilitate the simultaneous collection of content from multiple sources, such as conference participants’ laptops, mobile devices, etc.

2.4.3 Content sharing and remote collaboration

The TE1200 PRO supports content sharing and remote collaboration functions, allowing attendees to jointly edit, annotate, and discuss meeting content through real-time data sharing and collaboration with NPS100.

2.4.4 Multi-screen interaction and expansion

In addition, the advanced TE1200 PRO also features multi-screen interaction and expansion functions, which support independent login of 9 accounts and connect multiple screens to form a larger display area to meet the needs of large conferences and exhibition activities.


In summary, the connection between NPS100 and various intelligent conferences enables conference participants to operate and control presentation content efficiently, conduct multimedia presentations, interact and annotate in real-time, and achieve remote control and collaboration. Suppose you want to improve the efficiency, interactivity, and information dissemination of your meeting further. In that case, you can click here to contact us.

We are looking forward to NPS100 bringing you a higher quality meeting experience.

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