January 2, 2024

Seamless Integration: Presentation Switcher Compatibility and Setup

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Seamless Integration: Presentation Switcher Compatibility and Setup


Looking back at your past conference performances or your experience managing equipment before and after meetings, have you noticed that you often encounter troubles and challenges? These issues may be due to device connectivity issues or the display content not being smooth. However, it is normal for these problems to occur occasionally in daily life. However, the principle of perfect work lies in low fault tolerance. Therefore, please allow me to recommend the best solution that can effectively solve the problems of conference sharing and device management. That is, leverage the powerful compatibility of NPS100 from qnextech.com to enhance the conference experience. Let’s learn how to seamlessly integrate your chosen presentation switcher with other devices for a cohesive setup.

1. The compatibility advantages of NPS100

The multifunctional interface of presentation switcher NPS100 drives compatibility, making it a comprehensive solution that adapts to various devices and systems. It supports multiple commonly used connection interfaces, including USB, RS232, HDMI, and other ports. These ports allow you to connect to various external devices easily, such as interactive flat panels, PCs, and other smart devices.

Whether you use NPS100 in conference rooms or classrooms, its multifunctional interface provides flexible and convenient connection options, ensuring seamless compatibility between your devices and systems.

2. Promoting compatibility: A brief installation guide

Setting up a Q-NEX Networked Presentation Switcher NPS100 is very simple; follow a few simple steps to complete the entire process quickly. We will provide you with concise and easy-to-follow operation guidelines below.

2.1 Understanding the port interface of NPS100

Understanding the port interface of NPS100 can help you better operate, control, and manage the device.

The port interface usually has a display screen or indicator light, providing real-time feedback and status information. It provides an intuitive control method, allowing you to easily select and switch between different input sources, adjust volume and audio settings, and perform other commonly used operations. Intuitive design and easy-to-understand control layout enable you to quickly and accurately complete the required procedures, saving time and effort.

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2.2 Start installing

The NPS100 not only has integrated functions but also has a streamlined appearance. This way, installation becomes straightforward without deploying other complex installation environments. With only tools such as brackets and screws, the ingenious NPS100 can be installed under the desktop or inside the cabinet.

3. Integrate with other devices.

Connection is to maximize the possibility of enhancing functionality.

3.1 Device control based on connection with Q-NEX Touch Panel

The function of the LAN2 interface is to connect with the Smart Touch Panel, which requires a CAT5 cable to combine the two.

Through the intuitive interface of the touch screen, you can power the lights on/off freely when you are in the room without standing up. Adjust the temperature, wind speed, and air conditioner mode for a comfortable indoor environment. Alternatively, you can control the opening and closing degrees of the electric curtains. In addition to managing the equipment in the conference room, you can also control the functions of the IQTouch interactive flat panels for content display operations or interaction.

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3.2 Transferring multimedia resources on Interactive Flat Panel

You must connect the two Interactive Flat Panels to the HDMI OUT port of NPS100 and ensure the connection is correct and secure. In this way, the input signal can be distributed to the two Interactive Flat Panels, allowing speakers to choose to display the same or different content on both screens, enriching the flexibility of the meeting.

3.3 Compatible with devices via USB

3.3.1 KVM function

The KVM function allows users to extend computer keyboard, video, and mouse signals to remote locations. This way, you can centrally manage up to two conference laptops, operate them from the conference room Touch Control Panel, and easily switch and control them, improving efficiency and convenience.

3.3.2 As a USB central hub

In addition, to enhance your conference room setup, Q-NEX NPS100 provides 4 USB device interfaces to connect USB cameras, USB microphones, USB speakers, and USB drives. Take connecting a USB microphone as an example: the microphone captures sound. It transmits to a computer or other device through a USB interface for recording, voice communication, or further audio processing. Therefore, transferring audio signals from the computer to USB speakers or headphones through a USB interface can help achieve a better audio experience.

3.4 Wireless transmission compatibility

This compatibility feature is usually applied in the BYOD or BYOM working mode.

3.4.1 what is BYOD or BYOM?

BYOD or BYOM refers to the working mode in which attendees can bring their own devices or conference tools to participate in meetings or presentations in a conference or presentation environment.

3.4.2 Integrate with IQSHARE WP40

You can combine the Q-NEX Presentation Switcher NPS100 with IQSHARE WP40 to create a more flexible way of presentation and content sharing. Attendees can use software clients or mobile applications on laptops, smartphones, or tablets to wirelessly transfer files to the presentation switcher and display them on the central display screen. That eliminates traditional wired connection requirements and provides a more convenient and efficient file-sharing experience.

In addition, conference attendees can connect their smartphones to IQShare WP40 through AirPlay, Google Cast, or Miracast. They can mirror the content on their smartphones or tablets to the central display screen for display, achieving more convenient presentations and sharing experiences.

For more installation guides, click here to read further.

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4. Installation testing

It is imperative to conduct testing after installing NPS100. This testing phase can help you ensure the regular operation of the device and promptly identify and resolve potential issues, ensuring smooth operation in actual use.

4.1 Connection testing

Check the connections of each input source and output device to ensure that each device is correctly connected to NPS100 and that the signal transmission is standard. That can avoid situations such as the inability to present content or signal interruption caused by connection issues in actual use.

4.2 Function testing

You can test each function of NPS100 one by one. Ensure that each process is functioning correctly and meets expectations.

4.3 Compatibility testing

It is vital to conduct compatibility testing. By connecting to other devices and testing their compatibility, you can ensure that NPS100 works appropriately with these devices. That can avoid functional failures or data loss caused by incompatibility or connection issues in actual use. Generally speaking, NPS100 has high compatibility and can be used with mainstream USB conferencing equipment and HDMI interface display devices on the market.

4.4 Application simulation testing

You can also simulate actual usage scenarios of NPS100 to optimize the device’s usability further to better cope with significant occasions.


In this article, we have mainly introduced the installation method of the NPS100 step by step and its connection, especially collaboration with other devices. If you have any compatibility issues or installation issues related to the Presentation Switcher, you can click here to contact us.

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