March 9, 2023

More Than 300,000 Classrooms Worldwide Now Equipped with IQBoard Interactive Whiteboards

More Than 300,000 Classrooms Worldwide Now Equipped with IQBoard Interactive Whiteboards


Education authorities around the globe, including those in the UK, the U.S. and Australia, are adopting interactive whiteboards to improve student learning in schools and develop skills that are vitally important for a 21st-century global workforce. 

Many school jurisdictions have standardized on IQBoard interactive whiteboards because they enhance teacher productivity and improve student learning outcomes. More than 7.35 million students worldwide are actively learning with IQ products in classrooms.


Selected examples of IQBoard installations around the world




Five hundred IQBoard interactive whiteboards are being installed in primary and secondary schools across Spain by the telecommunications and information technology agency of Spain’s Ministry of Industry, Tourism and Commerce. The widespread installation of IQBoard products is part of “”Internet in the Classroom””, a programme promoted by the Spanish government to encourage the use of technology in education by students, teachers and their families and to make technology an integral part of teaching and learning in Spain.




IQBoard interactive whiteboards are being rapidly adopted with sales to schools in virtually every region of the country. Although adoption of interactive whiteboards was initially focused in the primary school sector, a rapidly increasing number of secondary-level schools are purchasing and implementing IQBoard interactive whiteboards. In addition to the primary/secondary classroom, IQBoard interactive whiteboards are being used in a growing number of schools with special needs students, in higher education/university faculties and in distance education.


Saudi Arabia

“”The IQBoard interactive whiteboard is an excellent tool for classroom learning””, says the project leader, “”We have a focus on providing winning concepts for modern schools, and this project demonstrates how easy the integration of great education technology can be.””


About IQBoard


IQBoard is both the industry pioneer and global market leader in easy-to-use interactive whiteboards and other group collaboration tools. Many school jurisdictions have standardised on IQBoard interactive whiteboards, which provide interactive learning opportunities and enhance student achievement in more than 300,000 classrooms.