March 9, 2023

IQBoard All-In-One Whiteboard VS Traditional Infared Interactive Whiteboard

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IQBoard All-In-One Whiteboard VS Traditional Infared Interactive Whiteboard


Being a high-end multi-media teaching equipment, IQ Board all-in-one whiteboard (hereinafter referred to as IQAio) is integrated with the central control system, computer, IWB, document camera, and audio amplifier, forming a perfect multi-media classroom solution together with a projector. IQAio Classroom solution is more convenient for teachers in class than the traditional infrared interactive whiteboard.

IQAio has two series – IQAio GR511 and IQAio GR519, and the latest technology is IQAio GR519.

In this article, we will talk about the features that IQAio GR519 has that traditional infrared interactive whiteboard does not have.

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1. IQAio GR519 is a highly integrated equipment.

 For traditional infrared interactive whiteboard, will need a projector, a computer, and an audio amplifier to achieve a classroom solution. While for IQAio GR519, a projector is enough to achieve classroom solutions.


2. IQAio GR519 is a device that only needs one key press to power on and off all the devices needed in the classroom.

Being highly integrated, IQAio GR519 can achieve one key powered on/off to control the projector, the built-in OPS computer, the interactive whiteboard, the audio amplifier, the speaker, and so on. Unlike the traditional infrared interactive whiteboard which needs to open the connected devices one by one, IQAio GR519 will be more convenient and time-saving for teachers and students.


3. IQAio GR519 has an intelligent switching.

The uniquely designed IQUSB interface of IQAio GR519 supports a one-line connection to external PC equipment. It supports intelligent switching of wireless microphones, interactive whiteboards, and other internal integrated devices, without additional wiring to meet the needs of various teaching scenarios such as the traditional infrared interactive whiteboards.


4. IQAio GR519 has excellent quality.

IQAio GR519 adopts a symmetrical structure of the bottom cavity with a CNC machining process. The frame is made of durable aerospace aluminum material, which is non-painting, has no magnetic interference, corrosion-resistant, and is low-radiation.

Now, you can see that IQAio GR519 improves the operation experience and brings more convenience to class. So, are you ready to allow IQAio GR519 to be your choice for your classroom solutions?

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