March 9, 2023

How Do Interactive Digital Display Revolution Business Today

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How Do Interactive Digital Display Revolution Business Today


If you are looking for ways to enhance project collaboration or improve the efficiency of information dissemination, then the investment in digital display technology is worth studying.

What is an interactive digital display?

How Do Interactive Digital Display Revolution Business Today - 3日程表设置

Imagine combining your whiteboard with a computer tablet on a large TV screen and you’ll find out what it is.

IQTouch is considered part of a new generation of “open architecture” interactive whiteboard products. This means you can customize its configuration. Use new software applications to share files across the network and deliver new ideas to your audience within existing IT parameters.

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Why do you need an interactive digital display?

  • Project collaboration has never been easier. Inputs and notes can be provided directly to any project or major participant in the meeting. Everyone in the classroom and in the business is using a variety of devices. The best systems, such as IQTouch’s platform, allow people to share data, graphics, or notes in real time using their own devices. Simply download an app and everyone can participate.
  • In some projects that require action, the IQTouch can be equipped with a mobile stand (purchased separately) and taken to various areas of the event site. This allows each speaker to play more freely. Everyone is one step ahead, saving time and money.
  • Digital display technology enables seamless connectivity, which means your message has a greater impact. Digital displays are networked with your IT system, eliminating projector problems or cumbersome cable connections. In addition, the interactive touch screen is easy to use and can be displayed on large HD displays. Real-time idea sharing and information have a greater impact and greater efficiency.
  • At the same time, the IQTouch touchscreen technology is very intuitive and easy to use. Users can quickly learn how to access a variety of information, view files, and share feedback. This reliable ease of use ultimately means increased efficiency.

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