March 9, 2023

6 Compelling Reasons to Upgrade Laser Projector for Business and Education

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6 Compelling Reasons to Upgrade Laser Projector for Business and Education


We submit 7 reasons for you to choose the latest IQ laser projector – IQProjector V2, the best laser projector for education and business.

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1. Ultra-short, limited space, big image

The ultra-short throw projector has been accepted and used in education for years. With an updated focusing component, IQ Ultra-Short Throwing Laser Projector can project an 80-150-inch screen within an ultra-short distance.

2. Laser diode light source, 25000+ hours lifetime

Laser diode light source brings a long lifetime, excellent color saturation, and reliable performance. Its lifetime is up to 25000 hours, a 316% extension compared to the traditional lamp model.

3. 3500l High Brightness and 10000:1 contrast ratio

3500-lumen brightness keeps the picture bright and sharp even in a bright environment. 10000:1 High contrast makes the grayscale of the picture delicate. What is more the new generation optical engine makes the color gamut greatly enhanced and reaches the international standard of Rec.709 color gamut.

By using brilliant color technology, while improving the brightness, the saturation of color is increased, so that the color reduction is more real and vivid.

Phasing in the new generation of an optical engine makes the color gamut greatly enhanced to reach the international standard of Rec.709 color gamut.

4. 3D Functions

Supporting the 3D display function, it brings immersive virtual simulation experiences to all kinds of learning, so that the learning is full of fun. 3D color piece-wise current adjustment technology lets the color be adjusted According to the needs. So that the laser projector can bring the virtual simulation experience for all kinds of learning, and makes the learning fun.

5. Auto power on

When the VGA signal from the computer is detected, the power supply of the projector is automatically turned on.

6. Security and stability protection

Comprehensive protection software is built in for a color wheel. When the color wheel works abnormally, the laser phosphor light source is closed automatically to avoid direct light (dual shines patent). Laser phosphor light temperature protection software ensures that the projector can work normally at different temperatures (patent in application)

With the personalized user interface, users can choose their favorite interface with no doubt

7. The additional ESD dust filter: with the super large high-quality

ESD dust filter can prevent dust from entering into the projector in any way. It enhances the safe use of the projector while preventing dust and prolonging the life of the engine and the projector is stable even if it is used for a long time.

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