October 30, 2023

Enhancing Teacher Job Satisfaction: Strategies of Q-NEX AV Solution

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Enhancing Teacher Job Satisfaction: Strategies of Q-NEX AV Solution


Poor working conditions and inferior incentives may reduce job satisfaction. Teacher is perhaps the profession we are most concerned about with mass strikes. As a leading technology company committed to using technology to assist the development of education. In this article, we will introduce how to improve teachers’ job satisfaction through Q-NEX from the aspects of cost control, digital efficiency improvement, community support construction, etc.

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1. Survey results: Examining teachers’ job satisfaction

Merrimack College and the EdWeek Research Center surveryed on teacher job satisfaction. The report surveyed 1,324 U.S. teachers about their job satisfaction through the Internet. Of those, only 12 % of teachers are very satisfied with their jobs, and more than 40 % said they were very likely to leave the profession in the next two years.

2. The background of teacher’s low teaching satisfaction

The survey further found that low pay, inadequate support systems, a wide range of unnecessary job tasks, bad working environment and atmosphere, and other factors play a combined impaction. These are the key reason that leads to the decline in teacher’s job satisfaction. Teachers’ job satisfaction seems to be at an all-time low. Many teachers are extremely disappointed with their situation and are suffering from overwork, underpaid and undervalued conditions.

3. How low teacher job satisfaction affects the learning experience                                                                       

The challenges and frustrations faced by teachers may undermine the future growth and sustainability of the education sector. When Teachers’ job satisfaction is low, it may cause many adverse effects on students and schools.

Teachers who are dissatisfied with their work may lack enthusiasm and motivation in the classroom. When teachers are dissatisfied with their work, they may be less likely to provide additional help, guidance, or personalized guidance to struggling students. As a result, students receive limited academic support and skills guidance. The inability of academics to obtain clear explanations, timely feedback, or create supportive learning environments limits their personal development.

In addition, low teacher job satisfaction permeates the whole school culture and atmosphere. Dissatisfied teachers may reduce cooperation with colleagues, reduce participation in school activities, and generally generate negative emotions. This can affect the entire campus, including other teachers, staff, and students.

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4. Boosting teacher salaries by minimizing equipment maintenance expenses

Only 26 percent of teachers say their jobs pay fairly, according to the National Education Association, which analyzed more than 70 years of salary rankings and projections for educators, the national average teacher salary is projected to be $66,397 for the 2021-2022 school year, a figure that falls well short of inflation.

Q-NEX Network Media Processor (NMP) is a control processor that integrates functions of digital broadcasting, audio and video matrix switching, device control modules, seamless connection of independent audio-visual equipment and lighting, fans, air conditioning, electric curtains and other electric equipment. This integration takes place under the cloud management platform, which is conducive to network-based media processing and unified device control and management, thus creating an efficient audio-visual control system. By controlling costs and reducing the financial pressure on campuses to spend on infrastructure, the Finance Department of campus can have more money to motivate teachers and better encourage them to train more excellent talents.

5. Enhancing teaching productivity with the power of Digital Podium NDP100

Q-NEX Digital Podium NDP100 incorporates Network Media Processor (NMP), touch panel for control, wireless mics, interactive pen display, document camera, and gooseneck microphone in a stylish lectern. Q-NEX Digital Podium NDP100 has powerful all-in-one integration and network-based remote control and management. It can smarten up many kinds of lecturing environments. The interactive digital podium allows for seamless device control and operation during lectures. Its integration with in-room multimedia devices creates a user-friendly experience, empowering lecturers to better engage and interact with students.

The Digital Podium NDP100 can be matched to different electronic devices and used for connection and communication. Thus one-stop simplified, seamless and easy to control. Make all device controls within reach.

6. Streamlining non-educational teaching tasks with AV control system

Integration of audio-visual equipment with existing classroom technology is essential for a smooth and efficient learning environment. AV solution provides seamless integration, allowing close connectivity between different devices and systems.

For example, the NMP (network media processor) enables schools to connect various AV devices and control them from a central interface. No need to deploy multiple cumbersome remote controls. Therefore, the operation of AV equipment in the classroom can be simplified. Teachers can easily switch between different AV sources or control multiple devices at the same time, enhancing their ability to deliver engaging, interactive lessons.

In addition, Q-NEX Digital Podium NDP100 can also maximize the teaching efficiency. It supports automation schedule for the device to power on or off at predefined time. So that teachers don’t have to deal with the daily grind, that has nothing to do with teaching, and so they have more energy to spend on improving the quality of teaching. Saving energy and reducing workload.

7. Fostering Teacher Communities: Empowering support through streaming systems

Q-NEX streaming system can be installed on a streaming server in LAN. Capable of audio/video broadcast and live broadcast to the specified Q-NEX terminal unit NMP or MBX. Through audio and video media transmission protocol, despite the space constraints, every classroom and campus every corner can obtain streaming audio-visual content access. In this web-based platform, teachers can connect through NMP and share good course examples and course packages. Such a digital platform can effectively enhance the team cooperation among teachers, effectively promote the professional development of teachers and enhance the efficiency of teachers’ use of digital tools.


With Q-NEX solutions and products, we can increase teacher salaries by saving on device deployment costs, prevent teachers from demotivating, and streamline teacher workflow by automating device procedures, can also improve the efficiency of teachers through digital devices, and components to share and communicate with each other’s cooperative groups of teachers. If you want to get more technical support to enhance teachers’ teaching enthusiasm and create a smart campus, you can click here to contact us.

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