October 30, 2023

Strengthening Students’ Mental Health Through Innovative AV Broadcasting Solution

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Strengthening Students’ Mental Health Through Innovative AV Broadcasting Solution


Compared with adults, young students often do not seek help for mental health problems because of concerns about privacy and stigma. Many students also lack mental health knowledge, lack of understanding of mental health services. Therefore, Q-NEX hopes to be able to exert the power of technology to provide mental health support for adolescents. Providing necessary psychological support to students through AV Broadcasting. This can better help students to grow, for their future health and career lay the foundation. In this article, we will show you how to maintain students’ mental health through Q-NEX AV Broadcasting.

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1. Tending to young minds: Prioritizing students’ emotional well-Being

Recently, Singapore’s Minister of State for Education. Ms Gan Siow Huang, addressed a press conference and suggested ways to promote students’ mental health, at the Press Conference on the Launch of the National Strategy for Mental Health and Well-Being. In China, a nationwide study of mental health found that nearly 25 percent of adolescents report feeling mildly or severely depressed. These shows the importance of mental health for students to learn and grow. Everyone is challenged when it comes to mental health. Thanks to the powerful AV broadcasting solution, students’ psychological problems can be easily solved

2. Emerging technologies in AV broadcasting

With the increasing demand for remote and live broadcasting, the AoIP network has become an important tool in the radio broadcasting industry. The AoIP network enables broadcasters to distribute high-quality audio content over Internet Protocol (IP) networks. Thus, live broadcasting, information transmission, and pre-recorded content distribution can be realized in real-time. 

The technology is not only reliable but also cost-effective and easy to use. AoIP networks also feature efficiency, cost-effectiveness, and reliability. Based on the use of AoIP networks, the use of AV broadcasting is becoming increasingly popular in the radio broadcast industry.

3. AV Broadcasting: An effective stress relief solution

AV broadcasting is one of the important parts of educational infrastructure. It enables the campus to integrate important multimedia elements into the promotion of students’ mental health construction. It can help students deal with personal problems, emotional distress, or other challenges, and provide appropriate support and advice.

Collaborative Learning - Q NEX Group Learning Solution 103
Collaborative Learning – Q NEX Group Learning Solution 103

3.1 Distance education: Accessing psychological education videos

Q-NEX AV broadcasting solution supports hybrid online learning. Whether it’s just audio announcements or live videos, Q-NEX enables live streaming through the Internet to every corner of the campus.

Psychological Education courses can be offered on campus and real-time and pre-recorded course content is provided to on-campus and distance students through broadcasting solutions. These courses can cover topics such as emotional management, stress management, interpersonal relationships, and self-care to help students better cope with daily challenges. Therefore, it can help students to get a better understanding and development of mental health knowledge and skills.

Many models of distance education have been mentioned in previous articles. If you want to know how to reduce the interference caused by bad equipment through Q-NEX solution.

You can click on our previous article to learn how Q-NEX solution solves the problems of stuttering, poor picture quality, and unclear sound quality in distance education.

3.2 Enhancing psychological impact with interactive videos

Psychodrama, is a treatment for psychoanalysis, a way of dealing with psychological problems in a group setting. AV broadcasting can display interactive simulations, demo videos, and virtual experiences throughout the campus. By creating immersive scenes, it can attract students to express their anxiety or confusion in the form of sitcoms, and increase the awareness and understanding of the importance of mental health.

In addition, the school can also organize workshops on emotion management with the help of AV broadcasting to teach students emotional regulation and coping skills. These workshops can include relaxation exercises, meditation, conflict resolution, and training in positive mental health techniques.

3.3 Harnessing multimedia for stress relief in students

By easily broadcasting high-quality audio and video into campus, campus audio and video distribution system can help educators to provide students with professional psychological knowledge more effectively through multimedia.

In addition, the campus can also set up a psychological support hotline for students to provide anytime and anywhere counseling and support. Students can communicate with professional counselors by phone, text message or online chat, share their problems and problems, and get appropriate advice. In addition, students can hear the whole process of the hotline on campus.

3.4 Promoting equal access to psychological services

The use of AV distribution systems ensures consistent audio and video distribution quality throughout the campus, which standardizes and harmonizes the psychological experience of all students. To inform students to go to the office alone for psychological counseling, may bring great psychological pressure on students. Students with a certain degree of anxiety may have fear and fear of specific psychological counseling places.

However, AV broadcasting can be broadcast live, audio, and video, through NMP (Networked Media Processor) or MBX (Media Box) in several locations on campus, in classrooms, cafeterias, corridors, and libraries. In this way, no matter where students are located, can be equal to receive psychological counseling, and can also hear through the RTMP protocol transmitted soothing music. Students in this smart campus can have a more positive attitude toward collaborative learning and cooperation, to create a more relaxed and pleasant atmosphere, students can also be qualitatively improved.


Based on the AV-over-IP technology to distribute audio, video, and control signals over the Internet with the campus existing network, Q-NEX solution enables not only message / audio / video broadcast, but also live streaming to all of the classrooms as well as spaces outside classrooms. By creating a supportive, inclusive, and emotionally intelligent learning environment, students are nurtured in their minds, their emotional resilience, and their path to lifelong success and happiness. If you are interested in it, click here to get in touch! And we will get back to you as soon as possible!

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