March 9, 2023

Creating Better Teaching Methods with Interactive Whiteboard

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Creating Better Teaching Methods with Interactive Whiteboard


Interactive whiteboards have become popular over the last few years, and it appears that their use will continue to grow exponentially. Interactive whiteboards offer a lot of advantages to both the teacher and the students. With interactive whiteboards, they have the ability to enhance the curriculum and allow learning activities that were impossible to imagine in a traditional classroom environment.

This article will talk about how you can integrate interactive boards in the classroom and create better teaching methods:

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When It Comes to Students

Studies have shown that students who are physically active are more likely to absorb information than those students who sit at their desks all day. Interactive boards in classrooms present a great opportunity for teachers to get the students out of their chairs, and work at the interactive boards using the input tools provided.

Many interactive boards allow multiple users to simultaneously access the board. This also gives the teacher a great opportunity to have the students work together on projects and lessons.

But if used properly, it is the students and not teachers that should be working on the interactive boards.

Allow to Multitask

 A teacher can play a video clip on one half of the board, while having questions regarding the video on the other half of the board. The teachers can also take screenshots of important moments from the video while it plays. Interactive boards in the classroom can make even a simple activity of watching a video interesting and interactive.

A great helper to Teachers

Interactive whiteboards have great potential as a tool to enhance pedagogical practices in the classroom and ultimately improve student achievement. However, simply assuming that using this or any other technological tool can automatically enhance student achievement would be a mistake. As is the case with all powerful tools, teachers must use interactive whiteboards thoughtfully, in accordance with what we know about good classroom practice.

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