March 9, 2023

Choose Right Interactive Display for Classroom

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Choose Right Interactive Display for Classroom


Whole-class learning is a key aspect of the modern classroom, but how do you find the right solution for your school? There are a variety of options, this article will talk about how to choose the right display for your classroom.

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1. LED & LCD

All displays are LCD; they are backlit by LEDs or CFLs. LED backlighting provides a brighter picture and is more energy-efficient. Don’t strain your brain over the acronyms – LCD/LED tends to be the better choice.

2. Screen Size

There are several screen sizes for choice in each LCD touch panel series. Students should be able to easily read 20-point type from the farthest point away from the display in the classroom. To make that determination, use this simple equation: 3X the diagonal screen size = the farthest distance from which a student can easily read the text on the display. A 70 in. display can thus serve students as far away as 17.5 ft (5.3 m), and an 84 in. display can serve students as far away as 21 ft (6.5 m). 

3. Multiple Ports for External Connection

Certain connections must be given for your display to transmit and receive the necessary data effectively. For example, 2 HDMI, 1 VGA, a stereo connection if you are using VGA, and a microphone port if you will be using a microphone.

4. Multi Points Touch

 To find out how many touch points you need, ask yourself these two questions: How many students will I typically have working at the display? How many students can comfortably work at the display at the same time? 

5. Software

 Make sure that the software that comes with it gives you more than drivers and a slide show. You want to select software that can enable and engage learning – software that offers collaboration opportunities, provides assessment, and integrates with mobile learning.

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