March 9, 2023

Best Document Cameras for Classroom of 2019 Review

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Best Document Cameras for Classroom of 2019 Review


Document cameras are now finding a large number of applications, especially in teaching and business sectors. They have taken the concept of interactive teaching to the next level and have also been of great use in online classrooms or online teaching. Apart from this, they are also used for office presentations, visuals, and much more.


The following are best document cameras for classroom of 2019 review.

2. IQView E3511

Directly connect monitors and projectors. Mouse and wireless tablet control. It support IQTouch and interactive whiteboard operation.

Advantages: 8.0 Mega Pixels ; flexible camera head with 180degree rotation; Annotate directly without PC software installation and save into SD card.


2. IQView E3820

With 8 million pixels of camera to display a high definition of images and movements, IQView E3820 is very convenient for classroom use as its flexible and lightweight body design.

Advantage: wireless design; overall weight is under 600g, light and convenient for mobile teaching; shooting speed is no more than 1 second.