March 9, 2023

Annual Group Travel 2017 IQBoaed Interactive Technoloogy

Annual Group Travel 2017 IQBoaed Interactive Technoloogy


​Its quite exhilarating for IQ members to come and see snow as there rarely snows in the south area of China, especially for Fuzhou city where our headquarter locates. Therefore, IQs going to visit one of the world cultural heritages-Huangshan Mountain-as our destination for annual group travel 2017. Get ready for the snowing world.

At the first day, we were heading for Huangshan Mountain. Even at the foot theres falling snow already. Knowing that the temperature would be much lower than that of downtown, everyone was wrapped up to keep warmer.

Guess whether our little boy reached the summit or not with such heavy coat.

The journey began with a long slope called as Hero Hill. And yes we are all heroes after climbing up the hill.

Then we were attracted by the famous landmark of Guest-Greeting Pine which stretches out from a cliff to welcome visitors from all over the world.

Could you find it in the picture below

Though its not easy to walk downstairs by clinging to the rope, we were not held back and taking care of each other to finish the trip.

Its tiring but meaningful. Along the journey was full of laughter.

Wrote down IQ to give direction for the way ahead.

And this is IQ team spirit.

The beautiful scenery and smiling faces.

The next sunny day we paid the visit to the local towns.

Time flew by and travel came to the end. Here are some lovely pictures behind the scenes . Come have a look.

Weightlifting game:

Was it more attractive to view from such a strange angle