March 6, 2023

5 Benefits of Using Interactive Touch Screen in the Classroom

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5 Benefits of Using Interactive Touch Screen in the Classroom


Interactive learning is well-established as a powerful educational technique, and modern technologies excel at involving students in more lessons than ever before.  Touch boards are driving group learning to a new level of relevance and engagement. The latest touch displays allow all students – including those with disabilities – to become more engaged with the curriculum being taught. These interactive boards are intuitive technologies that allow students to experience touch, gestures, and engagement with the content, the learning, and each other in new ways.

Interactive touch screen are a great educational tool that many classrooms utilize these days. They’re beneficial with a mixture of purposes, from helping teachers with lesson plans to helping students increase their learning confidence. Below are some of the key benefits offered by interactive touch screens in the classroom:

5 Benefits of Using Interactive Touch Screen in the Classroom - IQTouch HA1100 Pro 25

1. Engagement

Engagement is dramatically heightened with multiple touch and gesture interactivity. Teachers sometimes find trouble getting their students to engage with the classroom and the work and information that is being presented. Luckily, the interactivity of the panels puts that worry to an end and provides students with the perfect tools to engage and mingle with the information being presented.

2. Collaboration

Collaboration is brought to a new level, with the ability to have up to six different students or student/teacher combinations working together in real time on the board. Interactive touch screen features multi-touch capabilities that let students gain hands-on learning opportunities. It is easier for students to work together in pairs when there are interactive panels in place.

3. Benefits for kinesthetic learners, helping them to learn more easily.

• Kinesthetic learners are students who need to move – who have trouble sitting still at their desks. They appreciate the ability to get up and interact physically with this technology.
• Kinesthetic learners learn by doing. This technology provides real opportunities to be “doing things” at the front of the classroom display, versus just taking in a lecture from their desk.

4. Unique & Flexible Classroom

Why do the same things that other teachers are doing when it’s possible to be unique and offer students a flexible, fun engaging classroom that helps them learn in a fun and exciting way? It’s the updated way to teach students their lessons.


Interactive touch screen brings a plethora of benefits to the classroom. The four above just touch the surface of the many that you can enjoy and expect. To learn more about this collaborative solution, you can contact us to know about the details.”

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