March 6, 2023

IQ Interactive Touch Screen for the K12 Environment

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IQ Interactive Touch Screen for the K12 Environment


Also known as an interactive flat panel display, IQTouch interactive touch screens are the new standard display technology for classrooms. Obviously, today’s digital age has made chalkboards and markerboards obsolete, but even standard TVs or projectors are not sufficient in today’s classroom. Not only do they offer engaging collaborative features not available with a standard LED TV, but interactive touchscreens are a brighter, crisper, and more efficient alternative to even a standard interactive whiteboard.  Interactive touchscreens on the other hand are an all-in-one compact display with an embedded or onboard operating system and generate content internally without the need for an additional projector. Additionally, interactive touch panels offer true versatility for the classroom with features like intelligent touch, personalized UI, built-in wireless casting, and additional I/O ports to connect additional devices as needed.

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How Interactive Touchscreens Empower Students to Engage, Annotate, and Explore

So how does this idea of learning coincide with interactive touchscreens in the classroom?

Fostering Collaborative Learning

In a group setting, the multi-touch capabilities of this interactive technology allow students to huddle together at the screen, share their work, and collaborate. With large-format interactive touchscreens, they can annotate presentations, make notes collectively, and search and view ancillary materials like detailed maps and images.

Flipping the Classroom

When students are given the materials ahead of time, they can then spend more time in a peer-to-peer setting, diving deeper into the material and truly developing a broader sense of the lesson. But interactive touchscreens also enhance standard teaching scenarios.

Elevating Traditional Instruction

Even in a traditional classroom setup with the teacher at the front of the room, students can benefit from the ability to wirelessly project their work to the screen for enhanced discussions with the entire class. This type of smart interactive technology gives the teacher more freedom and flexibility than ever before.

The Cutting-Edge Solution for Connected, Collaborative Classrooms of the Future


IQ interactive flat panel LEDs are the latest interactive teaching tools for the modern, connected, interactive classroom.

Empowering Connected Classrooms

Our Interactive Flat Panels allow the teacher to create and show any content on the screen to the class from their computer. They can then connect students on their devices to the LED for interactive and collaborative lessons.

Crystal Clear Collaboration

With a high resolution and low glare image, even the smallest of text is easy to read on the LED.

Intuitive Interactivity

Multi-touch allows the teacher to control and annotate any application that is running on their PC, MAC, or Chrome OS directly from the screen. You can even use gestures to control your applications. 

IQ interactive flat panel is perfect for any interactive classroom. Ideal for cluster group learning.

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