March 3, 2023

What is Q-NEX Technology in Education

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What is Q-NEX Technology in Education


The technology in education is changing with the arrival of Q-Nex Technology. The Q-Nex Technology has been introduced to provide a modern and effective way of distributing the audio visual media in classrooms. The teachers can provide their students with the digital infrastructure which helps them to keep track of their individual progress while they are learning new things at school.

What is Q-NEX Technology in Education - campus live streaming

Q-NEX is a new brand under Returnstar Interactive Technology Group Co., Ltd. It was created to serve the educational industry after Returnstar IQ, a subsidiary of Returnstar Interactive Technology Co., Ltd., has been dedicated to the educational industry for over 10 years.

Returnstar Interactive Technology Group Co., Ltd., with IQ as the main brand, has been dedicated to the educational industry since 2006. With the aim to create more collaborative and inspiring classroom environment, also to offer cost-effective and environmentally-friendly campus management solutions to educators, IQ has launched two major solutions –IQClass Solution and IQSchool Solution.

IQClass solution mainly focuses on facilitating teaching and learning with educational hardware and software. Our goal is to make class more interactive and effective.

Relying on IQClass and IQSchool solutions, mission of Returnstar is to transform education with technology. Our ultimate goal is not just selling educational hardware or software but providing bespoke education solutions for schools based on their specific demands and budget.

What is Q-nex Technology?

Q-Nex is a new technology that is revolutionizing the way audio visual media is distributed in education. It allows you to control the classroom devices from a single location, whether it’s from your office or from home. With Q-Nex, you can remotely control any device in your school and teach your students online with interactive lessons. This can be done regardless of the device you are using—be it an iPad or laptop (Windows 10).

Q-Nex also lets teachers create their own content for their students with just a few clicks on their smartphone or computer. After creating these multimedia files, they can share them with other classes through our secure cloud platform.

Audio Visual Distribution

Audio Visual distribution is the process of distributing audio and visual content across multiple locations. This can include content such as; lectures, seminars, interviews and campus. Audio Visual distribution allows you to distribute your audio/visual content to multiple devices.

Video conferencing has been around since the early 1980s but with it came some challenges like managing different types of equipment and learning how to use them properly. Video conferencing also presented issues such as poor sound quality, and delayed transmission times that made communication difficult at times or impossible in some cases depending on where each user was located physically speaking when attempting this type of interaction between those involved in a conversation regardless if they were just chatting one-on-one or participating simultaneously via conference call format which allows several people from different places worldwide talking together simultaneously depending on how many operators are currently logged into their respective computers at any given point during their QNEX experience (or QNEX session).

Centralized Control the Classroom Devices

Centralized control: In the traditional classroom, each student must be in control of his or her own device. Q-NEX technology allows teachers to take control of every single student’s device at once. This means that admins can roll out new software updates or push instructions to all devices at once, saving you time and effort when managing your school’s tech resources.

More efficient: It also makes it easier for teachers to manage their classroom devices—no more hunting around for lost cords, cables, and chargers! Plus if you don’t have a teacher assistant or technician available who can maintain all those cables, your IT department will appreciate how much easier it is now that they don’t have to keep track of dozens of different types of cables.

Easier management: With centralized control over every student’s device comes better collaboration between students and teachers (or even between groups). You’ll be able to see exactly what each student is working on without having them get up from their desks—and if there are any problems with connectivity that need addressing right away, you’ll know about them immediately instead of waiting until later in the day when everyone gets back into class after the lunch break.

How Can Q-Nex Technology Transform Education?

Q-Nex is a new technology that can be used to transform the classroom experience.

When students are engaged in their learning and are able to apply what they’re learning, they’re more likely to retain it and use it later on in life. Q-Nex allows for more flexibility and creativity, which results in better collaboration between teachers and students. This can help create an engaging learning experience for each student as well as improve overall academic performance across the board.

Lecture Hall - Solution 3 Lecture Hall Solution 08
Lecture Hall – Solution 3 Lecture Hall Solution 08

The way of distributing audio visual media in education is changing.

The way of distributing audio visual media in education is changing. Q-Nex is a new audio visual technology that has the potential to revolutionize education. The Q-Nex system is a centralized control system that can help you improve your classroom experience by providing an easy way to distribute content, manage your applications, and share files between teachers and students without the need for complicated cables or wires!


Q-Nex technology is a great way to distribute audio visual media in education. It is an affordable and easy way for teachers to control classroom devices, as well as providing students with access to the latest educational technology. The future of education looks bright with Q-Nex Technology here!

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