March 9, 2023

Wanna Buy An Interactive Digital Display ask These 10 Questions First

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Wanna Buy An Interactive Digital Display ask These 10 Questions First


If you are going to buy an interactive digital display, what is your idea? Consider the price. Or, the display size? This article will talk about things to consider before you buy an interactive digital display.

Wanna Buy An Interactive Digital Display ask These 10 Questions First - av matrix switch

Choosing the Perfect Fit

Size and space are often key factors, so choose a display provider that offers a wide range of screen sizes.

Open vs Closed Architecture

If you’re looking to add the interactive display to an existing setup, is the interactive display brand you are considering a “closed architecture” product? Or is it an open architecture solution that will integrate smoothly with your existing videoconferencing, cameras, software, and other equipment?

Seamless Integration

Does the brand of interactive display you are considering have Windows embedded, or does it let you run the displays from your own OS that’s already approved by your IT department?

Avoiding Hidden Costs

Will the purchase of the interactive display also require proprietary annotation software, proprietary cameras for video-conferencing, etc. in addition to the flat panel or projector-based display for the system to work optimally?

Evaluating Multi-User Capabilities of Interactive Displays

When it comes to using the displays, will the interactive display vendor require software licensing for all of your staff, adding further initial setup costs?

Collaboration at the Core

Enquire as to whether annotation and collaboration software is included in the price of the interactive display. Furthermore, will staff need training to operate the interactive display?

Ensuring Smooth Onboarding

Does the interactive display use a third-party touch overlay for the multi-touch functions, or is it integrated into the design of the interactive display from the start of design/engineering?

Optimizing the Interactive Experience

For true collaboration, consider how many users can use the interactive display simultaneously. Enquire as to how many touch points the display you are considering will support.

BYOD Compatibility

If you’re looking to set up your display for interaction with multiple users, will it work in a BYOD (bring your own device) environment?

Will the interactive display perform additional digital signage functions if needed?

Interactive digital displays based on an open architecture model are proving to be the best way to seamlessly integrate new advanced interactive display solutions into the classroom or meeting room. Increasingly, organizations are doing this at a more modest cost, while simultaneously taking advantage of existing best practices and existing AV and video-conferencing equipment and software investments in the user’s organization.

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