October 24, 2023

Transforming Education with the Q-NEX Digital Podium

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Transforming Education with the Q-NEX Digital Podium


Education is the first important thing in society. As the world is continually developing, there is a plethora of demands for transformation in education. With an effective teaching tool, not only can teachers strengthen teaching efficiency, but they can also transform education. make it a vital advancement. In this article, we want to introduce a powerful education intelligence device. That is a Q-NEX Digital Podium NDP100. By using the digital podium, your classroom will transform into a dynamic smart learning space.

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1. Technology assisting education is the trend

In the “Opinions on Implementing the National Information Technology Application Ability Improvement Project 2.0 for Primary and Secondary School Teachers” released by the Ministry of Education of the People’s Republic of China in 2019, it was proposed to promote teachers to actively adapt to new technological changes such as informatization and artificial intelligence, actively and effectively carry out education and teaching, and to build a new mechanism for teacher information literacy development that is a school-based, classroom-based, application-driven, innovative, and precise evaluation by 2022, Comprehensively promote the integration and innovative development of information technology and education and teaching.

2. Attractive features of the Q-NEX Digital Podium

To explain how digital podiums can revolutionize education, we have compiled a list of compelling features offered by the Q-NEX Digital Podium.

2.1 Diversified application scenarios

Q-NEX Digital Podium is suitable for many different kinds of situations according to various scenarios. Whatever the background or capacity of the listener, and regardless of the importance of Meeting Essentials, the Q-NEX Digital Podium can maximize functional utility in different scenarios based on specific needs. Optimize the travel process to improve efficiency and create a convenient environment for joyful sharing and discussion. For example, it can be used in classrooms, conference rooms, auditoriums, seminar halls, boardrooms, training rooms, etc.

2.2 Automation task

Q-NEX Digital Podium specializes in automating various tasks to streamline your operations and increase efficiency. Digital Podiums bring about a seamless educational experience. Teachers can set the power on/off status of time management devices through scheduling settings, which are based on teaching mode and style. It enables teachers to smoothly carry out various course activities in the classroom and also provides students with a better learning experience.

2.3 Campus-wide AV broadcasting

Digital Podium supports two major functions, AV broadcasting and live streaming. You can transmit principal speeches, emergency announcements, or daily news through the deployment of NMP and Q-NEX Digital Podium.

3. Product recommendations:  Digital Podium NDP100

Here, we would like to recommend an effective teaching tool to you, Q-NEX Digital Podium NDP100. Digital Podium NDP100 can not only be used in classroom teaching scenarios but also in business meetings. The Q-NEX Digital Podium NDP100 is designed to enhance your classroom experience by creating a smart and efficient multimedia environment. With its highly automated features, instructors and presenters can easily engage with students and create an interactive learning environment. With just a simple touch, the Q-NEX Digital Podium allows for seamless sharing and presentation of AV content, igniting a passion for creativity and innovation among both teachers and students.

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4. A how-to guide for teachers to use Digital Podium

Here, we have summarized several questions based on the identities and needs of different teachers in different scenarios, and provided a brief how-to guide you in using Digital Podium during the teaching process.

4.1 How to connect a PC to the Digital Podium?

If you want to present PowerPoint or other visual study aids on your computer. You can connect your laptop or other external devices to the Digital Podium using various connectivity options such as USB, HDMI, or wireless connections. Q-NEX Digital Podium allows for effortless integration of your content into presentations, giving you complete control over what is shown to your audience.

4.2 How to switch the display screen to the textbook?

When the teacher wants to explain examination questions in the textbook after the PowerPoint presentation. You can use the Q-NEX NMP’s matrix switch function to switch the input source to the IQView E4521. The IQView E4521 has a file shooting range of A3. Its multi-way input and output ports can be connected to various media devices and enable switching.

4.3 How to make annotations?

You can use the IQSmart Pen to annotate. Annotation allows teachers to quickly mark key knowledge points to help students clarify the importance of grading knowledge points. At the same time, teachers can quickly circle key areas, allowing students to quickly focus on the teacher’s explanation process. IQ SmartPen is an annotation tool with a convenient color switch, and also a laser pointer to magnify or spotlight your content.

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4.4 How to live-streaming my courses?

If you are an open-class teacher, you may have a question about how to record and live broadcast your classes. Don’t worry, our Q-NEX has designed many powerful education solutions. One of these solutions is the lecture capture classroom solution. It is specifically designed to empower college instructors to record and share their lectures. Students can have the convenience of accessing recorded classes online, on-demand, or through streaming video. We have a detailed introduction to capture lecture systems. If you want to know what are the key benefits of using a lecture capture system in the classroom, you can click here to find its key features.

5. An instructional manual for IT administrators

Apart from teachers, IT administrators are also frequent users of digital platforms. On the daily schedule of maintenance and security safeguarding, the protection of digital platforms doesn’t require cumbersome management processes.

On one hand, administrators can monitor the usage of devices in the classroom through the Q-NEX AV control platform  Q-NEX Console or APP backend. The device activation status of the Digital Podium in each teacher’s classroom on different floors can also be monitored and managed through the backend.

On the other hand, the power on and off of Digital Podium can be completed through remote management with one click. This is beneficial for improving the work efficiency of IT administrators, enabling them to focus on optimizing the campus environment and dedicating their time and energy to more meaningful campus construction and management activities.


Digital Podium can not only be applied on multiple occasions on campus, but also bring convenience to every protagonist on campus. If you also want to transform your education through Q-NEX Digital Podium, you can click here to contact us.

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