March 6, 2023

The Most Suitable Large-size Touch Screen for Classroom Use

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The Most Suitable Large-size Touch Screen for Classroom Use


An interactive touch screen facilitates an immersive learning experience, making education fun for both students and teachers…… Interactive touch screen is both simple and intuitive, providing teachers with the latest and most responsive interactive screen technology to support active and inspired learning. This article will talk about IQTouch interactive touch screen series of 86’’.

 The Most Suitable Largesize Touch Screeen for Classroom Use - IQTouch HA1100 Pro 27

Of all of our IQTouch interactive screens, IQTouch 86’’ interactive touchscreen (218 cm diagonally) is the biggest, the most powerful. It is optimized for school use. An interactive screen of 86’’ well placed in a class of 35 students will be read by 100% of students with a normal eyesight (97% in a class of 40 students). This screen size is therefore the most suitable for classroom use, replacing the interactive whiteboard.

User friendly interactio

Like the whole range of IQTouch interactive touch screen series, IQTouch 86″ interactive screens come with an Android core that makes all tasks more intuitive and easier and more complete. The touch screen is a giant Android tablet that starts almost instantly, you have access in seconds to the Android interface. You will find the gestures you know on your tablets or smart phones, as well as the essential applications. The toolbar is accessible at all times and on all sources, simply by clicking on the button on the sides of the screen. It allows you to annotate any screen, take a screenshot, create slides for your presentations and browse your pages.

IQTouch 86’’ interactive screens have IQ Interactive Education Platform software. For all your lessons, the IQ Interactive Education Platform software for interactive screens brings you numerous tools and digital resources, in science subjects (maths, physics, chemistry) or in English. Create rich and dynamic presentations, adapted to your field of teaching. 

In a class of 40 students where an interactive screen is potentially used 100% of the time, it is very important that all students can see the picture on the interactive screen perfectly regardless of their position in the room. Our IQTouch 86’’ interactive screen features the new IPS technology, which retains the best color quality when we view the interactive screen from an angle (up to 178 degree angle) without trail effect and color distortion.

Clear visual presentation

Like all the screens in the IQTouch range, the 86’’ interactive screen has a timer (programmable) that automatically puts the screen in standby mode when idle. In standby mode, the power consumption is less than 0.3 W.

The IQTouch 86’’ interactive screen is also available in ultra-high definition (UHD, 3840 x 2160 pixels) resolution, four times the quality of Full HD interactive screens (1920 x 1080 pixels). The resulting image is of exceptional quality. It is even thinner and readable.

Perfect hardware configuration

Thanks to OPS technology, our interactive screens can be delivered with a PC integrated in the edge of the screen. The screen becomes intelligent and completely autonomous under Windows, no cable is needed.

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