March 28, 2024

The Essential Guide to Becoming an AV Technician

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The Essential Guide to Becoming an AV Technician


From making sure that the microphone is perfectly tuned for a speech to ensuring the lighting sets the right mood for a performance, AV technicians play a crucial role in creating memorable experiences for attendees. In this article today, we will explore the type, job responsibilities, career development path, and other aspects of AV technicians. We also analyzed how to improve AV technicians’ skills and work efficiency through QNEX technology from the perspective of technical assistance.

1. What Does AV Mean?

AV stands for Audio and Visual, encompassing everything related to sound (like microphones, speakers, cables, and wires) and the visual aspect (including staging, drapes, lighting, props, and visual technology like PowerPoint, slides, and projectors). It also involves the utilization of cameras. Essentially, if it’s related to the audio or visual presentation at an event, an AV technician is behind it. To enhance their skills and efficiency, QNEX offers advanced audiovisual communication solutions that greatly assist audiovisual technicians.

2. The Life of an AV Technician

AV technician’s expertise isn’t just limited to setting up; they configure and operate the equipment, ensuring everything works seamlessly for various events – be it trade shows, stage performances, concerts, conferences, meetings, webinars, press conferences, weddings, or even funerals.

2.1 Types of AV Technicians

AV technicians can be divided into two main categories: installation and removal personnel and operators. Installation and disassembly personnel are responsible for the physical aspects of AV work, including transporting equipment and configuring basic Settings. The operator is the technician who operates the equipment on-site during the event. They have a deep understanding of the device and are good at interacting with customers. Both roles are essential to create a seamless audio-visual experience.

2.1.1 The Setup and Teardown Crew

Often seen hauling equipment and doing the heavy lifting, these technicians are crucial for setting up and dismantling the equipment. Their work requires them to be early risers and often the last to leave, ensuring that every piece of equipment is correctly configured for basic operation. It’s a physically demanding role that combines technical knowledge with physical endurance.

Professional QNEX solution allows the setup and teardown crew to schedule broadcast tasks, reducing repetitive work and ensuring timely delivery of content. For example, an AV technician can use the QNEX Console to schedule the broadcast of customized school bell tones, pre-recorded school news programs, or important announcements. This automation saves time and ensures consistent messaging across the campus.

2.1.2 The Operators

This group includes technicians like myself, who love the thrill of operating the equipment live during events. Operators need a deep understanding of the equipment and must possess excellent people skills, as their role often involves interacting directly with clients, presenters, or performers. Being an operator is about teamwork, technical savvy, and client relations, all rolled into one.

With QNEX’s AV-over-IP technology, operators can distribute audio, video, and control signals across the campus using the existing network infrastructure. For instance, during a conference, an AV technician can use QNEX Media Server, Networked Media Processor (NMP), and Media Box (MBX) to broadcast audio and video content to multiple meeting rooms, the cafeteria, the library, and other spaces outside the conference.

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2.2 The Unpredictable Schedule

One thing that’s consistent in the life of an AV technician is the erratic schedule. The job doesn’t adhere to the conventional nine-to-five; busy periods can see technicians working overtime, while downtimes might leave them searching for gigs. This inconsistency extends to wage rates, which can vary significantly based on the employer’s size and whether the work falls under a union or non-union contract.

Freelancers, who make up a significant part of the AV technician workforce, often find themselves juggling multiple contracts and trying to make a positive impression for every company they work for, even as they navigate the competitive landscape of the AV industry.

2.3 Career and Remuneration

The financial aspect of being an AV technician can be as variable as the work schedule. Setup and strike crew members might earn between $12 and $25 per hour, while operators, especially the more experienced and talented ones, can see their rates go from $15 to $30 per hour, with top specialists in the movie industry earning significantly more.

Most technicians operate on a freelance basis, with many opportunities for those willing to hustle and continuously improve their skills. While the work can be demanding and the hours long, the job offers a unique set of rewards – from the chance to work on diverse projects to meeting interesting people along the way.

3. Becoming an AV Technician with QNEX

In scenarios where live streaming is required, QNEX technology enables audio-visual technicians to transmit audio and video in real time to every corner of the building site where the meeting is held. This can be useful when a meeting host or company chairman wants to give a public talk from his office, and QNEX facilitates the live streaming process. Audio and video technicians can rely on QNEX’s reliable streaming system to ensure a seamless experience for viewers.

In addition, QNEX’s solution supports a variety of display devices with HDMI input, such as interactive flat panels IQTouch series, TV displays, and projectors. AV technicians can take full advantage of existing displays without additional equipment and ensure compatibility with QNEX’s audio/video distribution system.

Explore the advantages of incorporating audio visual communication technologies in corporate environments on our blog.


Whether you’re drawn to the technical aspects of setting up and configuring equipment or you thrive on the adrenaline of live event operations, being an AV technician offers a unique blend of challenges and rewards.

For those intrigued by the behind-the-scenes action of events and who possess a blend of technical acuity and people skills, the role of an AV technician with QNEX Technology might just be the perfect fit. It’s a career that not only tests your limits but also expands your horizons, offering a glimpse into the vibrant, dynamic world of audio-visual magic.

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