March 2, 2023

The Benefits of Central Control System in Smart

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The Benefits of Central Control System in Smart


Smart classrooms are places where educational resources are managed using modern information technology. The core concept is to intelligently manage each place through artificial intelligence, cloud computing, the Internet of Things, and other technologies, so as to improve the efficiency and quality of teaching in various fields and better meet the requirements of contemporary talent training for the development and overall quality of the education system. One of the most critical and representative parts is the centralized control system for intelligent classroom equipment.

centralized control system is a great way to ensure the full distribution and security of your campus. With a centralized control system, you can track the location and status of all devices, as well as monitor usage patterns in real-time. This is especially useful for managing large campuses with many users. The central control devices in campus equipment central control are usually set up by the school itself and then installed and completed by a specialized company, so the time and cost spent installing the system are relatively large. However, with the continuous development of network technology and communication equipment, the campus equipment centralized control is also being upgraded and a centralized control platform is formed where all monitoring devices can be networked with other end devices through the network. Therefore, each school has many different types of devices, most of which are managed by different personnel and require monitoring by different personnel, so the use of campus equipment centralized control also greatly reduces the use of campus equipment centralized control as well as systems by teachers and staff, thus reducing the working time as well as reducing management costs.

Q NEX Group Learning Solution 1
Q NEX Group Learning Solution 1

What are the benefits of centralized control of campus equipment?

1. Improve campus management efficiency

In the process of campus equipment management, as the frequency of equipment use increases, the time of use also increases, so it is necessary for managers to maintain the equipment in a timely manner. When a school has a lot of equipment, it also requires more managers, thus increasing the cost of campus management. When there are not enough managers, manual inspections, spot checks, and random checks of using units are usually used, which may miss faulty equipment and cause problems such as difficulties in equipment maintenance. The Q-NEX Campus solution can remotely control various devices such as indoor air conditioners, lighting, interactive displays, document cameras, etc. It is not only intelligent and user-friendly but also saves time, thus improving the efficiency of campus management.

2. Reduce campus management costs

On the one hand, the centralized equipment control system can simplify the time and effort required by schools to carry out equipment procurement and other related work, improving procurement efficiency and saving procurement costs; on the other hand, it can reduce the employment of managers and eliminate the need to hire a large number of technicians to manage a wide range of equipment. In addition, the centralized control of equipment can make full use of its own advantages to monitor and coordinate the planning of all kinds of equipment on the campus and provide a guarantee for each unit to solve the actual problems. It can effectively improve the overall equipment status of the campus and effectively reduce maintenance expenses and practical problems such as affecting the normal teaching work of the school.

3. Improve the efficiency of teachers’ classes

Through centralized management of classrooms, schools can effectively use the existing hardware facilities to provide a better learning environment for students and convenient teaching conditions for teachers. Equipment management software, using a remote approach to monitor and manage all teaching equipment. Schools can reasonably arrange teachers’ training and learning time according to the actual situation, and ensure students have sufficient learning time. The smart classroom can realize online monitoring and recording of the use of all teaching facilities and equipment. By setting up automatic, regular, or manual monitoring functions on the management website, it realizes the monitoring of their operation status and feeds back to the platform automatically, providing teachers with a more effective and convenient teaching environment.

The Power of the Q-NEX Smart Campus Solution

Q-NEX smart campus solution perfectly combines device centralized control and other functions such as AV matrix Switch, Networked AV Distribution, live streaming, cloud storage, etc. to provide an outstanding solution for the smart campus. By using the Q-NEX Smart Classroom Solution, you can connect multiple multimedia devices in the classroom with one NMP to achieve centralized control and video distribution. It is convenient for teachers, principals, and information administrators to remotely control the classroom through the Internet and mobile devices. There is no necessity for them to have a complicated installation and setup in order to transform from a traditional classroom to smart classroom. This plan is applicable to both the renovation of the original classroom and the construction of the new classroom. It has the following unique advantages.


The Smart Campus platform will replace all of your school’s old system infrastructure, so you won’t have to maintain multiple systems.


You’ll be able to use the same software in your classroom that teachers across the country use, and it will also work with existing and future hardware.


With a web-based platform that is easy to operate, you can do everything from anywhere in the school, even when you’re on vacation.

Security and standardization

Unified access control and device management will keep students safe while online and give teachers peace of mind when they are away from school.

Task scheduler

Standardize school management while allowing for diverse task scheduling features such as class lists, messaging, and scheduling capabilities.

In summary, with the development of the global education system, the centralized control of campus equipment from Q-NEX has become an inevitable trend for the future development of many schools and is the most critical part of the smart campus in the next few years.

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