March 1, 2023

Smart Solution for School Multimedia Control and Management

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Smart Solution for School Multimedia Control and Management


Q-NEX is a smart school solution. It uses a Networked Media Processor, (NMP), an AV control system, as its centerpiece to enable centralized device control and AV-over-IP distribution across campuses. Our goal is to simplify the administration of IT and the school’s AV assets. 

These are the keywords that cover the solution features: 
Control Management Broadcast 

* Control
 1. Local control for teachers, via the desktop control panel, to turn on/off classroom equipment, such as projectors, interactive touch screens, projection screens, and computers, switch between AV signal sources, volume control, and speaker & mic volume controls, etc.
 2. Remote and mobile control for IT admin through web-based Q-NEX Console and smartphone Q-NEX App. This allows for central control over all classrooms and the setting of a schedule for each device to be automatically on/off. 

Smart Solution for School Multimedia Control and Management - image 5
Smart Solution for School Multimedia Control and Management – image 5

* Management 
1. Different users can be granted access to different classrooms, teacher offices, or conference rooms. Teachers will need to swipe their IC cards in order to activate the control panel.
2. Device statistics (use frequency, power consumption, failure rate) 
3. Device failure report (teacher reports device failure via Q–NEX app, IT administrator keeps track via Q-NEX console).

* Broadcast (with QNEX Media Server)
1. Scheduled broadcast task text, audio and video 
2. Live broadcast for school events, principal speeches, and other important matters
3. You can choose from multiple broadcast destinations: To different classrooms or campuses The entire system is built on WAN.

This means that as long as there’s internet access in the classroom, the NMP can easily be deployed and made available to the classroom. This makes it scalable. IT administrators have full control over the management of the system, regardless of whether they are using their smartphones or laptops. 
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