March 8, 2023

Schools Replace Smart Boards with Newgen IQ Panels

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Schools Replace Smart Boards with Newgen IQ Panels


In recent years, IQ Panels and IQBoard interactive whiteboards become more prevalent in the market as new-gen brand.

The old devices are SMART Boards, manufactured by a company whose name became synonymous with the product thanks to early dominance in the industry. They feature a projector and an interactive whiteboard, enabling teachers to draw, write, and manipulate images on the screen.

Exploring the Cutting-Edge Features of IQ LCD Touch Flat Panels

The new devices are IQ LCD Touch Flat Panels, and LCD monitors with various sizes that use a dual system – Android system and optional OPS Windows system and can connect to handheld devices wirelessly. In addition to some new cutting-edge features and a sharper display, the IQ LCD Touch Flat Panels will not require information technology workers to replace expensive projector bulbs, which tend to burn out every few years.

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How IQ LCD Touch Flat Panels Revolutionize Interactive Learning

Perhaps the most noticeable improvement for teachers is the move away from projector-based technology. Even with ceiling-mounted projectors, SMART Boards required frequent re-calibration to ensure that pointing and drawing devices worked accurately — a common complaint among frequent users.

The Transformative Impact of IQ LCD Touch Flat Panels

Using IQ LCD Touch Flat Panels is cutting-edge technology-wise, it made the transition to where it’s improving student achievement, and it has greatly improved conveniences for teachers’ teaching. There are several advantages for schools to replace SMART Board with IQ LCD touch flat panels:

· Cost-effective solution

· Activated by any stylus

· Very accurate

· Low power requirements

· Liquids won’t affect touchscreen performance

· Clearer than resistive or capacitive since there is nothing between the viewer and the display

· The rugged surface and bezel design is ideal for sealing against liquids and dust

· Able to handle dual touch input

· Can scale to large sizes

· Can support multi-touch

Anyway, it is a wise and rewarding behavior for schools to buy IQ LCD Flat panels.

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