March 6, 2023

Manage Your Classroom Technology with One Tool

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Manage Your Classroom Technology with One Tool


Classroom technology is an important tool for teachers and students. But sometimes it can get out of hand, with the teacher’s rooms packed full of displays and other gadgets. Here’s how you can control all the equipment with one simple tool.

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Classroom AV System Management and Control

The classroom AV system is a critical part of the educational environment. It can be used to provide teachers with all the necessary resources they require to teach students, such as video and audio equipment, but also mobile devices that can facilitate learning activities.

Implementing a classroom AV system should allow for the effective delivery of education through technology but also ensure that this type of teaching method does not take away from the attention or instructional time required by the teacher in order to deliver an effective lesson plan.

Q-NEX Touch Panel Overview

Q-Nex Touch Panel Overview is a touch screen display panel with a 7-inch capacitive touch screen, 1.6m active area, 5-bit ADC, 512 x 512-pixel resolution, and 60Hz refresh. 

A stylish and versatile touch screen featuring a PoE (Power over Ethernet ) power supply. Built-in applications are provided for classroom control.

The Q-NEX also comes with an integrated Arduino microcontroller, which allows for easy integration into any project. If you need to monitor the status of a motor or switch, then this is the perfect solution for you!

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Manage Your Classroom Technology with One Tool – 1 2

Q-NEX Touch Panel Functions

Q-NEX Touch Panel has the following functions:

● Power control of classroom devices

● Video matrix switching for classroom devices

● Control the air-con power, temperature, modes, etc.

● Control the projector on/off and the electric screen up/down.

● Adjust mic & speaker volume

● Control the NMP to send IR signals for IR devices’ control (such as TV).

● Multiple audio switches

Q-Nex Touch Panel Features

The key features of the Q-Nex Touch Panel are:

● Access control for authorized use

An embedded IC card reader provides authorized card access to the touch panel. Teachers can lock the touch panel after class to prevent students from misusing it.

● Capacitive touch screen for smart control

Adopting a 7-inch LED touchscreen, the Q-NEX CPL10 provides an intuitive interface that is fully customizable with easy-to-use capacitive controls, true feedback, and a real-time status display.

● Self-developed software with an intuitive design

The touch panel software keeps optimizing and supports OTA updates, and the home page functions are customizable to meet specific user needs.

● Other features include

A unique 3D optical structure that allows users to place physical objects on top of the display, which opens up new possibilities for input methods and applications, multi-touch capabilities, resistive and capacitive display technology, pressure sensitivity, high-resolution graphics support, and more.

Lecture Hall - Solution 3 Lecture Hall Solution 06 1
Lecture Hall – Solution 3 Lecture Hall Solution 06 1

Q-NEX Touch Panel Benefits

Q-NEX Touch Panel is the best touch screen for mobile phones. It has a high resolution and an anti-glare surface. The performance of this product is super fast. It can work much faster than any other touch panel product on the market.

Also, Q-NEX touch panels provide an improved user interaction experience by replacing the conventional capacitive touch screen with optical sensors.

This feature significantly reduces the cost of production and improves productivity because it eliminates the need to use a stylus or finger for navigation. The Q-NEX system also supports multi-touch gestures, which is a novelty that has never been used on any other touchscreen products before. For more about touch panels and AV control in education, please visit here

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