March 9, 2023

Latest Technology Interactive Whiteboards VS Traditional Blackboards

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Latest Technology Interactive Whiteboards VS Traditional Blackboards


Interactive whiteboards – a board connected to a computer or projector with a display that can be manipulated by a mouse, stylus, or touch screen – have been slowly replacing traditional blackboards in classrooms across the nation. While many educators tout whiteboards as powerful and necessary tools that should be in every classroom, others continue to use the traditional blackboard.

In this article, we will talk about the latest interactive whiteboards vs. Traditional blackboards to help better understand the differences between them.

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1. More convenient for teachers to prepare and teach courseware

In the traditional blackboard method, the teacher has to spend time during the class to draw the visual material. With in latest technology in interactive whiteboards, teachers can directly pick different subject materials from the software set for interactive whiteboards.

2. Better interaction and collaboration

The best interactive whiteboard solutions make collaboration among classroom stakeholders simpler than ever before. They allow annotations, manipulation of content, surveys, connection through smartphones and so much more. Collaborative activities have led to spikes in student interest in just about every research case study.

A traditional blackboard limits collaboration as only one individual can realistically use the board effectively at any given time. It is also difficult to make annotations or add new content without wiping off the old content. A blackboard or static whiteboard can be a very good basic sketch pad, but without the ability to share information, and really interact with the content, it falls far short of an interactive whiteboard. 

3. Better display of student projects

In traditional blackboards, the only way for student presentation is their paper-based homework or writing on the blackboards in class. With the latest technology interactive whiteboards, students can directly use tablets to send their homework or write on their tablets to send to the teacher, and both the teacher and the students can see the presentation on the screen conveniently. 

These are just a few examples of how interactive whiteboards are revolutionizing the learning experience across the world. Schools, Colleges, and Universities are increasingly turning to new technology to facilitate learning and tap into the power of new media information. It seems likely that it is only a matter of time before interactive whiteboards become the norm in all teaching environments.

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