March 9, 2023

Is the Interactive Display Necessary in the Classroom

Is the Interactive Display Necessary in the Classroom


Since the introduction of interactive technology in the classroom, there have been many changes and advances in the industry. Whilst a small minority in the education sector are still not completely convinced of the efficacy of using technology to assist teachers, there are those that embrace the benefits it delivers. As this technology evolves and devices become smarter and offer more functionality, is there still a place for pioneering classroom technology such as the interactive touch screen?


This article will discuss the necessity of buying interactive displays in classrooms. The following are the advantages that teachers who use our panels have noticed in the classroom:


1. The modern classroom is one that focuses on engagement, collaboration and interactivity. And the interactive whiteboard has been instrumental driving this approach. In fact, large classroom displays are generally seen as a ‘must-have’ technology in the classroom to facilitate the core teaching and learning function of demonstration and modelling. 

2. The multi-touch capabilities that interactive displays offer mean that more students can get around the panel and learn together. IQTouch K series and IQTouch C Pro series feature 20 points of simultaneous touch and educational software that divides the screen into quadrants so more students can participate at once.

3. Teachers use the interactive displays as learning station for both advanced learning for early finishers and remediation. Students are more engaged, and teachers save time and money when they aren’t making endless copies of worksheets.

4. IQTouch screens include a 4K display with crystal clear graphics and colours, and smooth inking in all light levels. More than that, this latest generation of IQTouch screen includes an built-in Windows 10 OPS computer, so no additional desktop or laptop is required — merely switch it on and access what you need from online apps and documents.