March 6, 2023

IQBoard Best Whiteboard Supplier

Case Study Shahe Primary School - 3日程表设置

IQBoard Best Whiteboard Supplier


Returnstar Interactive Technology Group Co., Ltd, with IQ as the main brand, has been dedicated to the educational industry since 2006. So far, IQ products have received wide acknowledgment from the international market.

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IQ mainly provides 3 solutions for education and business: IQClass solution, IQSchool solution, and IQHome solution (in the near future).

IQClass solution includes a holistic set of hardware and software designed especially for education, including IQBoard Interactive Whiteboard Series, IQTouch Touch screen Displays series, IQBoard all-in-one infrared interactive whiteboard series, IQ Interactive Education Platform software, IQ Class V6.0 Software, IQClass Plus Software, etc.

Hardware includes:

Interactive whiteboard, all-in-one interactive whiteboard, interactive flat panel, document camera, wireless presentation system, laser projectors, etc.


Software includes:

IQBoard Software (with IQBoard)

IQ Interactive Education Platform (with IQBoard, IQTouch, IQClick)

IQClass Software (with IQBoard, IQClick, IQPad)

IQView Visual Presenter and Evaluation System (with IQBoard, IQView)


IQSchool solution includes IOT (Internet of Things), and Audio and Video transmission.

IQSchool is a unique technology solution that gives education administrators and teachers streamlined control and automation of multiple technologies, commonly operated independently – such as classroom control, distributed audio, video on demand, digital signage, P.A. (public address), bells and emergency alerts – all from a single platform.


Here are some examples of international schools which has used the IQSchool solution: 

Relying on IQClass and IQSchool solutions, the mission of IQ is to transform education with technology.

Along this road, we would like to develop long-term partnership with you and grow up together.

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