March 9, 2023

IQBoard Best Interactive Whiteboard Supplier

IQBoard Best Interactive Whiteboard Supplier


Interactive whiteboards are rapidly becoming an integral part of group collaboration in all industry sectors, especially in education sector. It offers interaction to all classrooms or meetings participants. The interactive whiteboard technology has increased in popularity, which means that the writing is now on the wall for traditional methods. Interactive whiteboards combine powerful audio, video and screen sharing tools so as to deliver a truly four dimensional experience.

This article will introduce the best Interactive Whiteboard supplier in the market, that is IQBoard interactive whiteboards, the following are the best selling models.


1. IQAio (IQ All-in-one machine)GR519



IQAio GR519 is an all-in-one device, it has 3 available sizes: 80’’,92’’ and 100’’. It is not only a multi-point infrared interactive whiteboard, but also integrated with central control system, interactive whiteboard, wireless microphone, OPS computer, stereo amplifier system and other equipment. That means, with one-key powered on, teachers can power on all the devices including projector, interactive whiteboard, OPS, and stereo amplifier system etc. It will bring great conveniences for teachers.

Bundle with IQ Interactive Education Platform Software, IQAio GR519 can achieve a vivid and interesting atmosphere in class.


2. IQAio GR511


Being a high end multi-media teaching equipment, IQAiO GR511is integrated with central control system, computer, IWB, document camera and audio amplifier, forming a perfect multi-media classroom solution together with a projector. Moreover, IQAiO GR511 has an advantage over the touch flat panel in terms of its large size reaching up to 102 inches to satisfy specific demands of the market. Compared with traditional classroom, IQAiO GR511 forms a perfect classroom solution only with a projector. The 150 inch IQAio GR511 has super-wide dual-screen interaction, which can satisfy large classroom requirements.

Bundle with IQ Interactive Education Platform Software, 150’’ IQAio GR511 can achieve party mode and dual board mode in classroom, which allow several students to write on the interactive whiteboard at the same time, and dual board mode allow interactive, sync mode to create an interactive teaching atmosphere between teachers and students in classroom.