March 8, 2023

Interactive Whiteboard in the Classrooms Pros and Cons

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Interactive Whiteboard in the Classrooms Pros and Cons


Interactive whiteboards have become popular for classroom lectures and group meetings. Interactive whiteboards combine digital technology with traditional whiteboards, enabling the user to project computer images onto a board. 

As the interactive whiteboard is a relatively new device to regular classrooms many educational institutions are skeptical about integrating this device into their system. A potential buyer must check out the pros and cons of interactive whiteboards before actually investing in them as it will help him to weigh out the different advantages and disadvantages of the product.

Capturing Success: The Power of Lecture Capture Systems in College - .jpg
Capturing Success: The Power of Lecture Capture Systems in College – .jpg

Pros of Interactive Whiteboards:


One of the main advantages of interactive whiteboard is the fact that it has a touchscreen and allows users to alter the data on the screen with their fingers. The addition of this feature has made its use much simpler and effective. The touchscreen feature also makes the classes for little kids much more entertaining as they are involved to a far greater extent.


Smart Tools

The interactive whiteboard offers various tools to the instructors which makes their job much easier through software. Some of these smart tools are the magnifier, pointer, recording, document camera, spotlight, screen capture, etc.


Online Help

The interactive whiteboard allows the users to access the web through the device. The use of interactive whiteboards also enables teachers to play videos from the internet when they need to.


Cons of Interactive Whiteboards:

Price: They can be expensive when trying to integrate them within the entire school, let alone an entire school district.


Writing issue

The biggest disappointment with the digital ink comes from the fact that an interactive whiteboard is a front-mounted projection screen. This means that your data projector is set up in front of the screen (like an overhead projector). This means that when you stand in between the projector and the screen, you cast a shadow on the screen… right where you are trying to write. Sure, it was cool to interact with programs by touching the screen, but, it was hard to write notes because you were constantly blocking the image.

Teacher Training

When a school or any educational institution invests in a modern device such as the interactive whiteboard it needs to make sure it is used to its full potential. The school needs to invest time and money in training their teachers to use the device properly. The teacher needs to learn how to use the device, also the teacher needs to integrate it into his teaching style. The school needs to consider this factor before investing in an interactive whiteboard for the classrooms.



The interactive whiteboard is an extremely powerful tool in the field of education. It enhances the experience of the student as well as the teacher by integrating various tools and enabling the instructor with them. Though one cannot deny that the device has its flaws it definitely pales out in the light of its advantages and disadvantages of using an interactive whiteboard.

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