March 6, 2023

Interactive Flat Panel IQBoard Interactive Display Solution

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Interactive Flat Panel IQBoard Interactive Display Solution


Interactive flat panel display are exactly what they sound like—displays that you can interact with, similar to a smart phone screen, but much larger.

 Interactive Flat Panel IQBoard Interactive Display Solution - IQTouch HA1100 Pro 24 scaled

This article will introduce IQBoard interactive flat panel new series – IQTouch X Series – Capacitive interactive flat panel.

Ideal solutions for education and business

As an ideal solution to education and business, IQTouch X series uses capacitive touch technology, which can respond without delay and operate directly. It features 20-point touch that enables several users working on the screen at the same time. 4K crystal clear display delivers the highest image quality. Built-in wireless screen projection software allow Android, IOS, Windows to cast screen on IQTouch X quickly.

High-precision and cutting-edge touch technology

Capacitive is the leading type of touchscreen technology. With capacitive touchscreens, a uniform electrostatic charge is applied to the top layer. Because the human body conducts electricity, touching the display will absorb some of this current, which the devices use to detect touch commands. For touch accuracy, capacitive is typically more accurate than other touch technology. Touching the display of a capacitive device will absorb electrostatic current from that specific area, allowing for a superior level of accuracy.

The advantages of IQTouch capacitive interactive tablets

Advantages: IQTouch capacitive interactive flat panel has a dual operation system: Android 8.0 and Windows 10 Pro. With capacitive touch, it has fast response, and it supports 20-point touch and 4K UHD Display, fully compatible with Windows, Mac, & Chromebook.

Just contact us if you want to learn more about this IQTouch capacitive flat panel.

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