March 3, 2023

How to Have a Brilliant Smart Classroom Control

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How to Have a Brilliant Smart Classroom Control


A brilliant smart classroom is one that’s fully automated, controlled and monitored from a single touch screen. With Q-Nex, the world’s most powerful AV control system, you can create a high-definition digital learning environment with ease. Watch as your classroom comes to life with stunning images and crisp audio quality. Create an amazing teaching environment by integrating all your devices into one simple system.

Turn your classroom into a brilliant smart room.

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Now that you know the key features of a smart classroom, it’s time to turn your room into one.

It’s important to note that not all classrooms are suitable for a smart classroom. For instance, if you have more than 25 students in your class, then it might be too much of an investment for you and your school district to make at this time (although the more people who use their phones in class, the better for everyone!).

If you do have the funds and space available for such a project, here are some tips:

Choose one or two features from each category above that work best with your curriculum and overall goals as an educator. For example, if student engagement is important to you and they aren’t always doing as well as they could on tests/quizzes because of distractions during lessons/homework assignments etc., try implementing screen-free days where everyone is required not only keep their phones off but also set them somewhere out of sight so they know no one can cheat during tests either! Should they forget or break this rule? Then perhaps assigning punishment like detention hours would help remind students why it’s important not only to follow rules but also to acknowledge how following them benefits everyone long term rather than short term (i’ve been guilty too many times myself).

What can the APP do with Q-NEX NMP?

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Device Control

The Q-NEX App turns your mobile device into the ultimate mobile control panel, enabling control of classroom multimedia devices, lighting, A/C, access control, and other systems from virtually anywhere.

The app includes a dashboard that provides a snapshot of all active devices in the building and lets you quickly identify which ones need attention. You can also easily drill down to see detailed information about each device—including its current status, last reported state changes, and past activity—without leaving the dashboard screen.

Once you’ve identified a problem or issue with a device, you simply click it to bring up controls for an individual device or group of devices in one easy step. This gives you full control over everything from switching between different presets for media players to adjusting HVAC settings or modifying access permissions for doors or gates.

Display Input Switch

Flexibly switch the input sources of multiple display devices in the classroom, adapt to different teaching scenarios, and easy to use.

You can now switch display inputs with a simple click of the mouse. The Display Input Switch allows you to easily switch between two different devices connected to one computer, making it possible for teachers to quickly change between the projector and laptop during lessons.

With its intuitive design and simple operation, this product is perfect for classrooms where students are often required to move around or sit at different desks while they work.

Report A Repair To The IT Admin

This is a new type of display input switch. It can be used to improve the efficiency of teachers and IT admins.

Teachers can report by mobile when devices can’t work, so it’s convenient for them to report rapidly and for IT admins to follow up on the process of repair.

Make life easier for teachers by enabling AV control from an iPad, tablet, or interactive whiteboard.

To enable AV control from an iPad, tablet, or interactive whiteboard, you’ll need to download the software from our website and install it on your computer.

We’ve made setting up AV control as simple as possible. When you launch the software for the first time, it will automatically detect any compatible devices on your network and show them in a list on the ‘Devices’ tab of the user interface. You can then connect to each device by selecting its name from this list.

Once connected to a device, you can use it just like any other tool in Rangify’s Smart Classroom Control – simply move around by dragging with two fingers or scroll up/down/left/right using one finger (depending on how many fingers are touching the screen at once). Swiping diagonally allows users to select multiple tools at once – but we recommend always keeping one finger stationary so it doesn’t get lost!

Automate your classroom to ensure all the AV equipment is on and ready to use when you need it.

You can use Q-Nex to automate your classroom. You can also use a touch screen, an iPad or tablet, and an interactive whiteboard. You can even use a Q-Nex application on your smartphone!

Remotely control AV devices from an iPad and interact with them using touch actions.

As an educator, you can now integrate your AV equipment into the classroom experience. The Q-Nex app allows you to control AV devices from an iPad and interact with them using touch actions.

A wave of a hand will take students through all the slides in a presentation. Swiping up on the screen will make the image pop off like paper from a printer, revealing space behind it where images and text can be inserted. Tapping on an object in front of you opens it up for further interaction or exploration (for example, tapping on a virtual light switch could turn off or turn on lights).

Use your existing infrastructure to distribute high-definition video and audio wherever it’s required.

Q-Nex is a complete AV control system that uses your existing infrastructure, so you don’t have to spend time on new wiring. You can use it with an existing wired or wireless network and take advantage of the tools that are already at your disposal.

Create an advanced smart room using multi-room audio and video systems with touch screen interfaces.

Create an advanced smart room using multi-room audio and video systems with touch screen interfaces.

Use the same touch screen interface for all your AV systems.

Control your AV systems from a single touch screen interface.

Use one touch screen to control multiple AV systems.

Use a single touch screen to control all your AV systems

Brilliant smart classrooms are made simple with Q-NEX, the control system that’s perfectly suited to the education environment.

The Q-Nex smart classroom control system is an affordable and user-friendly solution to help schools create more engaging learning environments.

User friendly: The ever-so-simple Q-Nex app makes it easy to take control of your classroom – whether you’re at the front of the class or watching from afar, with no need for a bulky remote control

Affordable: The price range makes it even more accessible so that schools can get the most bang for their buck, without breaking the bank

Flexible: With a variety of customizable options for each product type (see below), schools can find what works best for them


We hope that this article has helped you to better understand how smart classrooms can help improve teaching and learning. If you would like more information about Q-Nex, please visit our website at or email

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