March 2, 2023

How Lecture Capture Classroom can Benefit Us

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How Lecture Capture Classroom can Benefit Us


With the rapid development of the Internet, the way of online education has gradually developed, and the appearance of lecture capture systems has sprung up in recent years, they continue to appear in major schools as a means to enrich students’ learning experience. 

Lecture capture systems are an effective tool to support remote and distance learning. Whether you need to livestream, pre-record, or create a library of digital assets, our experienced team is here to help.

It’s an easy-to-use system not only for recording classroom lectures as videos but also for live streaming to enable online learning. LCS610 includes a Video Station, Auto-tracking cameras for teachers and students, a Ceiling Mic, and an Online Director System, providing a powerful yet simple solution for a lecture capture classroom.

For meeting more functions, the LCS610 can also be connected with the Q-NEX NMP

By connecting the Lecture Capture System to NMP, we can build a – Lecture Capture classroom with live streaming, so more video input sources can be extended to the Lecture Capture System, also there are abundant video course resources can be obtained. “One-click” recording realizes the normalization of lecture capture applications; it is compatible with the original hardware equipment and realizes the seamless connection between the new lecture capture system and the original equipment.

Let’s see what this kind of classroom can bring to us.

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One touch record and streaming:

The Video Station is integrated with an 11.6-inch touchscreen. Users can start recording or live-streaming lectures by simply tapping on the built-in screen. You don’t need to spend a lot of time training teachers on how to use it, it’s very easy to operate.

Capturing multiple input sources:

The Video Station supports the connection of 2 cameras with 4 scenes. Besides, there’s HDMI Input available for an external PC connection, so that the teacher’s courseware can also be recorded as a mixed video. The final video output will include a mixed video and multiple independent videos for each input source respectively.

Auto-tracking camera:

The two 4K ePTZ cameras are capable of capturing four different scenes including close-ups or panoramas of both the teacher and students. One camera is used to capture the teacher’s lecture and the other camera is used to capture the student’s every move. When a teacher invites a student to stand up to answer a question, the student camera automatically zooms in to capture the exciting moment of the student participating in the classroom interaction.

Wide range voice pickup:

The omnidirectional microphone with a 6-meter pick-up radius will automatically focus on the current speaker and capture clear sound. It’s with an audio processor to distinguish human voice from background noise and ensure perfect sound quality. This effectively solves the problem of a lot of noise in traditional classrooms.

Real-time & Online Directing:

Users can select the split-screen mode during the lecture capture or add course information/school logo etc. directly through on-screen operation on the Video Station. Besides, a remote director platform is available for online directing and managing multiple scenes, as well as editing the final video with certain cutting and merging.

Live streaming your mixed video:

Users can broadcast the mixed video to Youtube, and other live-streaming platforms as an online class for distance learning.


Major Advances in Audio-Visual Technology in 2022 - 51 1
Major Advances in Audio-Visual Technology in 2022 – 51 1

Because it mainly has the following advantages:

1. Help teachers improve teaching.

The lecture capture classroom provides intuitive video material for teachers to reflect on and improve their teaching. Teachers can use the lecture capture classroom to record normal courses. Through the recorded videos, teachers can see their teaching behaviors in real-time, understand each teaching link in the classroom, and better examine themselves and find shortcomings, which is convenient for speculation after class. Reflect on teaching, improve your teaching level, and help teachers grow.

2. Promoted classroom reform on campus.

The lecture capture classroom can record classroom teaching activities in an all-round, multi-angle, and three-dimensional manner. The use of the recording and broadcasting classroom also has obvious advantages for teachers to speculate and improve the preparation, teaching, interaction, adaptability, and other aspects of classroom teaching. It has promoted the digital construction of campuses and the reform of classrooms and accelerated the pace of development of modern educational technology.

3. Reserve and share high-quality teaching resources.

Traditional teaching is centered on educators and mainly on imparting knowledge. There is insufficient interaction between teachers and students and between teachers and students, resources are isolated, and teacher resources and school-based resources are wasted. The construction of a lecture capture classroom can reserve high-quality teaching resources, and then share them through live broadcasts, complete knowledge inheritance or conduct inter-school curriculum exchanges, promote educational equity and improve the quality of school teaching and talent training on a larger scale.

In addition, with the help of Q-NEX, the recording and broadcasting classroom system has changed the recording method of traditional open classrooms under the original old model. In the past, classroom recording required dedicated recording and professional editing. The intelligent lecture capture classroom completes all these tasks automatically, so that the whole process is unattended, which reduces the pressure and interference caused by the course recording.

Lecture capture systems are an effective tool to support remote and distance learning. If you want to know more about the lecture capture classroom, Q-NEX is your right option!

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