March 9, 2023

Future Is Coming Spirit Is Constant the 73rd China Education Equipment Display

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Future Is Coming Spirit Is Constant the 73rd China Education Equipment Display


​Dec. 26 -28, 2017, the 73rd China Education Equipment Display was held at the Guangzhou Pazhou International Display Center. IQ Returnstar Technology, under the core concept of smart school, smart evaluation, exhibits the integrated solution of smart schools that combines smart entrance, smart administration, smart teaching, smart evaluation, and IQ multi-media products that include IQOne and IQAiO. Many people came to visit the show

In order to give users a great insight into our products and solutions, the display area is divided into a speaker area, a solution area, and an activity area. Subsystem application scenarios have been exhibited such as IQ Interactive Class, administration platform of Tianwa Students overall quality evaluation, IQ system for class arrangement and selection, IQ administration platform of educational equipment, and IQ classroom digital signage.

Digital Podium - 4
Digital Podium – 4

In the activity area, we prepared many gifts and had great interaction with present customers. The event has appealed to hundreds of people.

From the official launch of IQ brand in 2006 to the sub-brand Tianwa in 2016, Returnstar Technology has transformed from the supplier of simple interactive multimedia display equipment to the supplier of smart education overall solutions and products. Returnstar has successfully presented a transformed and upgraded new look to the present leaders and partners in this exhibition.

IQ New Multimedia Products

IQ New Multimedia products mainly include IQTouch, IQAiO (all-in-one interactive whiteboard system), and IQBoard MRQ of 150 inches. Under the design idea of exquisite skills, and simple operation, IQ’s new multi-media products have received a great reputation in the industry with their practical, simple, and durable performance. Many customers stopped to experience our products.

IQ Smart School Overall Solution

IQ Smart School overall solution is an integrated solution after IQ is transformed and upgraded. It includes IQ Smart Teaching solution, IQ Smart Administration solution, and administration cloud platform of Tianwa Students overall quality evaluation, which satisfies the need for information management in the time of Internet Plus.

IQ Smart Teaching solution, equipped with an interactive class system and smart cloud teaching platform, covers various learning sections including speaking, practice, tests, and evaluation through wireless transformation, cloud service, and smart recognition technology. At the exhibition, the presenter showed IQ interactive class scenery, appealing to many visitors to experience our products.

The future is coming, the spirit is constant.

Education information will fully develop in the future. Returnstar Technology continuously sticks to the enterprise mission transforms education through technology and carries forward the IQ spirit innovates with quick speed and steps forward with determination. We constantly make an effort to innovate professional skills and commercial modes in order to serve education information construction.

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