November 7, 2023

Enjoy Immersive Sound Experience with IQSound Passive Speaker

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Enjoy Immersive Sound Experience with IQSound Passive Speaker


Since the concept of the metaverse has been widely explored and mentioned, people have increasingly emphasized the pursuit and experience of immersion. Immersive experiences are often associated with a person’s five senses. This includes hearing, vision, smell, taste, and touch.

These are the main ways for humans to receive external information. Today, we will introduce IQSound Passive Speaker, an important driver for creating an immersive sound experience, from the perspectives of exterior design, physical performance, and scene functionality.

How to Enhance the Learning Experience Through AV Technology - image 6
How to Enhance the Learning Experience Through AV Technology – image 6

1. Streamline the appearance design of the IQSound Passive Speaker

IQSound Passive Speaker features black as the main color tone, with a stable and low-key color scheme. Its exterior design is very exquisite, and its streamlined design gives it a high sense of technology. Demonstrate the dissemination of smooth sound effects and high-definition sound quality.

2. Enjoying immersive sound experience with IQSound Passive Speaker

IQSound Passive Speaker can create a state of accurate acoustic dispersion with greater fidelity for a truly full range of sound.

2.1 Immersive sound experience

Immersive audio technology is an audio technology that keeps up with the times. It determines the technical effect based on the specific location of the audience being listened to. Immersive audio can accurately and comprehensively map audio to the audience within a 360 ° sphere range. Thus forming a face-to-face experience of listening to live performances, giving the audience a sense of being present. The IQSound Passive Speaker can create a state of accurate acoustic dispersion with greater fidelity for a truly full range of sound.

2.2 Full-range performance of IQSound Passive Speaker

IQSound Passive Speaker delivers the sound you desire in passive full-range performance. Careful acoustic design and the use of advanced materials contribute to exceptional sound fidelity and speech intelligibility.

2.3 Strong bass, rich mids, bright treble

Music festivals, concerts, and other artistic performances require balanced regulation and dissemination of bass, mezzo, and treble.

The frequency range of bass is from 40Hz to 150Hz, which is the fundamental part of sound. The energy of bass accounts for 70% of the entire audio energy and is an important component in expressing music style.  

The frequency range of the midrange is from 500Hz to 2000Hz. When the sound quality of the audio system is poor, the mid-range sound becomes very blurry. IQSound Passive Speaker can make the propagation of midrange sound more penetrating.

The frequency range of high notes is from 7000Hz to 8000Hz, and IQSound Passive Speaker can make the propagation of high notes clear and distinguishable. Let the audience hear the clear but not sharp sound.

2.4 Up to 120W high-power output

Compared to 60W power, 120W represents higher power and is more suitable for applications that require high power support, which can improve work efficiency. IQSound Passive Speaker supports up to 120W high power output. And it can provide balanced sound field coverage.

Collaborative Learning - IQSound Passive Speaker

3. Simple installation process of IQSound Passive Speaker

With the simple and versatile design of IQSound Passive Speaker, your speakers can be mounted in a matter of seconds in any open space.

3.1 Easy to install

If you need to temporarily deploy a conference, IQSound Passive Speaker can enable you to deploy an immersive listening system in a short period of time in case of time urgency. This also simplifies the workflow for IT administrators to some extent. Enable them to focus more energy and attention on more core task processing.

3.2 Cost-saving IQSound Passive Speaker

In addition, a simple installation program is also beneficial for controlling device deployment costs. If it is in a temporary meeting or music festival setting, installing and disassembling the passive speaker requires a certain amount of labor cost. The simple installation process of IQSound Passive Speaker can reduce costs and increase efficiency for device deployment.

4. Multi-scenario applications of IQSound Passive Speaker

IQSound Passive Speaker supports wall mounting installation for meeting rooms, classrooms, halls, corridors, and other events. And it’s ideal for Q-NEX Smart Campus Solution.

4.1 Connection with campus wide AV broadcasting solution.

In campus wide AV broadcast scenario here, IQSound Passive Speaker is an excellent audio and video broadcast medium. School IT administrators can upload different audio and video content to media servers for playback on campus. IQSound Passive Speaker can play customized school ringtones, pre-recorded school news programs, school promotional videos, and more. This can enable students and teachers to listen to and obtain the latest information about the school in a timely manner. Allowing them to enjoy the wonderful campus life in an immersive experience of high-definition sound quality. 

Q-NEX solution for campus-wide AV distribution is based on the AV-over-IP technology to realize not only audio and video broadcast, but also live streaming to all of the classrooms as well as spaces outside classrooms such as cafeteria, library, teacher’s offices, corridor, and reception hall. We have also provided a detailed introduction to this solution in previous articles. If you are interested, you can click here to learn about its excellent features.

Unveiling the Power of Audio Visual Communication - 31
Unveilingmmunication – 31

4.2 Application in lecture hall solution

Q-NEX lecture hall solution is for auditoriums, lecture halls, and other large classrooms. With the Q-NEX NMP and IQPodium, the ordinary lectern can be transformed into a multifunctional one with centralized control under minimum cost. By simply standing in front of the lectern, the lecturer can have one-button control over the electric screen and projector, easily switch input sources, power on/off lights and air conditioner, also use IQPodium (the desktop smart display) to connect his laptop for touch control and courseware annotation.

When receiving the campus AV broadcast or the principal’s live broadcast, NMP can automatically roll down the projection screen and turn on the projector. After NMP has deployed livestreaming system, IQSound Passive Speaker can provide a realistic on-site experience for everyone in the lecture hall.


In conclusion, IQSound Passive Speaker provides the best balance of overall performance, tone, coordination, and appearance. In the future, IQSound Passive Speaker will also optimize and upgrade various sound quality enhancement technologies, such as noise reduction, echo cancellation, and sound source separation, based on widely absorbing user needs and gradually improving them, combined with AI and audio technology. If you are interested in discovering a highly immersive audio experience, you can click here to upgrade the quality of the sound system.

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