October 24, 2023

Enhancing Education: The Power of Smart Classroom Integration

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Enhancing Education: The Power of Smart Classroom Integration


If we carefully observe the teacher environment we are in, we will find that the traditional classroom environment is gradually evolving. Many advanced technologies and innovative tools have gradually made traditional classrooms highly interactive and innovative intelligent classrooms. Q-NEX classroom solution is a best practice that combines education and technology.

Q-NEX classroom solution creates a new learning experience and teaching method for students by combining it with the teaching methods of teachers. Let’s explore together through this article the tremendous changes and opportunities that can bring to education.

1. The attitude of smart classrooms of teachers and IT administrators

MyCOS has conducted a survey report in 2020. This report is about the use status of new technologies by university teachers. MyCOS asked for front-line teachers and teaching managers to delve into educational technology. according to the outcome of this study. there shows that 60.7% of front-line teachers regard the smart classroom as a powerful tool for teaching, while only 32.7% of IT administrators believe that smart classrooms are helpful for management.

Above this outcome, we can draw the conclusion that currently, the smart classroom has played a significant role in teachers’ teaching process. In contrast, in terms of equipment management, smart classrooms still need to be improved. So as to meet the diversified and fussy device management routine of IT administrators. And making the campus and classrooms becoming a dynamic and efficient learning space.

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2. Demand analysis of teachers and IT administrators

Understanding user needs is the foundation for improving and implementing smart classroom solutions. Only by analyzing user pain points clearly, can Q-NEX technology provide more targeted and convenient technical solutions for teachers and IT administrators. The identity, nature, and job responsibilities of teachers and IT administrators are different, and we should analyze them in detail.

3. For teachers:Pre-teaching,while-teaching and after-teaching

For teachers, the role of Q-NEX classroom solution throughout the entire process of teaching activities.

3.1 Pre-teaching: automation schedule of device

A well-ordered teaching environment is essential for teachers. Before teachers start teaching, it is necessary to manage the status of various intelligent devices.

In traditional teaching environments, teachers usually need to set up auxiliary equipment before starting classes. This routing schedule can to some extent affect the teacher’s teaching approach. For most teachers, this is a time-consuming workflow.

However, Q-NEX classroom solution has capabilities of powerful task-scheduling functionality. It can be sufficient to enhance classroom management efficiency.

Teachers can set a device running schedule, and the Q-NEX application will turn on the required device’s power at a fixed time.

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When classroom equipment is automatically turned on and task modes are set in an automated manner, teachers can invest more time in teaching and interacting with students, thereby creating a more attractive learning environment.

Therefore, it can be said that the automated classroom scheduling system of Q-NEX Classroom solution has significantly improved the overall classroom experience for teachers and students.

3.2 While-teaching: engagement of students

Q-NEX classroom solutions have the significant function of integration. Q-NEX classroom solutions can promote collaboration between students and between teachers and students.

Q-NEX classroom solutions enable students to learn in a collaborative. And provides an immersive learning space. Students can participate in the classroom actively, for example, they can use mobile devices to share individual ideas and projects. They also can cooperate with peers to complete a program. During the process of enhancing interactivity, students’ learning outcomes are also enhanced. Q-NEX classroom solutions can make teaching more attractive to teachers.

Teachers can easily switch between different teaching demonstration materials using IQView E4521 and have complete control over the content they want to present and display in teaching activities.

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In addition, courseware and videos stored on teachers’ personal computers can be wirelessly shared through IQShare Wireless Presentation System WP40, which can be connected with the highly integrated functionality of NMP, core product of Q-NEX solution. This enables students to use various visual learning aids on the intelligent whiteboard, expand their horizons, and improve their understanding of key learning points.

3.3 After-teaching: Enhancement of students’ study achievement

Q-NEX classroom solution has the function of sharing screens with its 3×3 AV matrix switching function. So, the teachers can allow students to provide real-time feedback on learning outcomes by demonstrating their understanding of concepts and presenting their group discussion results.

Screen sharing can also enhance the collaborative learning experience. With a plethora of students’ presentations, teachers can better understand students’ learning progress and knowledge mastery, and adjust teaching progress and strategies based on students’ learning situations.

In addition, the Q-NEX classroom solution has the function of capturing lectures, which can record the teacher’s explanation process courses, allowing students to review the content at their own pace, ensuring that they do not miss any learning opportunities, and allowing students to re-examine complex topics for better understanding.

4. For IT administrators: control, management, and regular protection

4.1 Control: remote control system

As IT administrators, they have the authority to manage teaching equipment and should strictly follow the regulations on campus instrument and teaching electronic equipment management.

In the past, reporting equipment issues was tedious and time-consuming for teachers. Teachers also faced delays in understanding the status of repairs.

When we include the Q-NEX maintenance reporting feature, teachers can effortlessly report equipment issues by scanning a QR code. Administrators receive real-time notifications, and teachers can track repair progress through the Q-NEXAV control platform like Console or App.

In essence, the introduction of this feature empowers teachers to focus more on their core educational responsibilities by minimizing the administrative hassle associated with reporting equipment issues, while also ensuring that administrators can respond swiftly to these issues, thereby enhancing the overall learning environment.

4.2 Management: Q-NEX Dashboard of Classroom Device Usage Data

Q-NEX classroom solution simplifies the work of IT administrators. Through Q-NEX Console and Dashboard, the entire campus is centrally and remotely controlled, so they do not need to walk into each classroom to physically inspect the use of intelligent devices such as classroom lighting, air conditioning, and digital podium.

Q-NEX technology based on NMP control processor, a kind of AV control system, provides centralized control of classroom equipment by utilizing the school’s existing network. This enables school It administrators to centrally and remotely control the entire campus anytime, anywhere through the network or application interface.

In addition, this integration function of NMP also has the functions of AV broadcasting and live streaming. We have talked about the impact of educational AV distribution in modern learning environments in history articles, you can click here to read it.

4.3 Regularly protection: quick repair report

In order to ensure classroom instruments and smart devices are in a safe storage state and can be used normally. IT administrators need to regularly repair and protect classroom instruments and smart devices.

However, the schedule of maintenance and protection for smart classroom devices can be a very fussy thing. Furthermore, sometimes the requirement for a maintenance report does not receive a quick response and does not gain a repair solution rapidly.

Fortunately, the Q-NEX smart classroom solution has a one-click repair function, which not only helps to maintain the normal operation of teaching activities, but also helps to extend the lifespan of the device.


In this article, we first start with an analysis of the smart equipment usage rate of the teachers and IT and administrators on campus, and then we summarize their attitude toward smart classrooms. And access different demands based on their job attributes. In conclusion, Q-NEX smart classroom solution can not only help teachers enhance teaching achievement, but also strengthen the efficiency of IT administrators. If you are interested in smart classroom solutions, you can click here to contact us.

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