October 25, 2023

Driving Campus Digital Transformation: Unleashing the Potential of Q-NEX

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Driving Campus Digital Transformation: Unleashing the Potential of Q-NEX


Digital transformation plays a vital role on campuses. Digital transformation Is not a static completion status; it is a dynamic process that needs to be continuously optimized. Q-NEX provides digital tools, educational solutions, and successful practices that enable campuses to be more efficient and effective. Q-NEX technology can make a traditional campus transform into a smart campus. And it is still making significant efforts to make campus digital transformation a reality.

Q NEX Group Learning Solution 2
Q NEX Group Learning Solution 2

1. The background trend of digital transformation

Digital transformation refers to the process of integrating digital technology into all aspects of an organization or society. Since the Chat GPT4.0 era, the data-driven user demand and competitive pressure are also changing, which also requires different organizations to carry out digital transformation. The continuous evolution and innovation of cloud computing, artificial intelligence, IoT, big data analysis, and mobile devices have laid a certain technological foundation for digital transformation.

The digital transformation of the campus field promotes connection and collaboration among different stakeholders on campus, who can seamlessly communicate, share knowledge, and cooperate with each other. Let everyone on campus is no longer an island, but a team of cooperation and innovation.

2. The crucial role of Q-NEX in campus digital transformation

Q-NEX provides the most advanced and efficient AV solutions and services. In the following paragraphs, we’ll look at how Q-NEX technology simplifies the IT Administrator workflow with remote control and centralized detection, respectively, to help teachers improve their productivity in teaching, to enhance students’ learning effect in the learning process. This article will expound on the flow of Q-NEX technology in promoting campus digital transformation at the management, teaching, and learning levels.

3. Digitizing campus management

Campus management involves the normal operation of all kinds of campus activities, and the impact of a wide range, far-reaching impact, digital transformation of campus management is of great significance.

3.1 Automated Scheduling Systems

With the Q-NEX Console, scheduled tasks for devices can be automatically executed, eliminating the need for IT administrators to physically visit each classroom to examine devices and power them off.

3.2 Real-time monitor and remote control

With Q-NEX technology, administrators can diagnose and fix problems remotely, reducing the need for physical intervention. This function not only saves time and effort, but also reduces the downtime of the classroom equipment to ensure uninterrupted learning.

3.3 Simplified control schedule

Q-NEX streamlines classroom equipment management. Q-NEX technology allows IT administrators to manage and control classroom equipment from any location as long as they have network access. IT administrators can efficiently manage and monitor multiple devices through the Q-NEX Console or Q-NEX APP.

If you want to know the operation schedule of the administrator, you can click on our previous detailed instructions to get the usage method. They can use this web-based and collaborative platform to remotely centrally manage devices. Administrators can easily respond to emergencies and issues, even when they are not on campus. This digital transformation of the management level can significantly save administrators time and effort, allowing IT administrators to prioritize more critical campus management tasks.

4. Digitizing the teaching method

The teaching methods of teachers are characterized by the combination of subjectivity and objectivity. On the one hand, they are influenced by the scientific learning effect, on the other hand, they are also influenced by the teaching habits and styles of teachers, in the teaching methods of digital transformation can give teachers a better teaching experience, and get a sense of achievement, improve enthusiasm.

Q-NEX Solution for Campus Communications - IQShare BYOM 13 2
Q-NEX Solution for Campus Communications – IQShare BYOM 13 2

4.1 The particularity of the teacher’s duty

Teaching is a sacred profession. A teacher’s role is not only teaching knowledge and educating students. Teachers also need to adapt their roles according to special teaching scenarios. With the help of Q-NEX technology, the digital transformation of teaching can be promoted effectively.

4.2 Designers of learning: Build a diverse curriculum with multimedia resources

Q-NEX technology can facilitate classroom collaboration and interaction between teachers and students. With the assistance of Q-NEX, teachers can become the designers of teaching activities. 

Teachers can design different learning activities according to students’ learning interests and character advantages. For students who like to enhance their understanding through audio-visual materials, the teacher can use the AV Decode Function based on NMP to broadcast the audio visual learning resources that align with the learning objectives. This approach enhances students’ learning outcomes and expands their learning horizons.

4.3 Guiders for students: Explore the student’s strengths and interests

The teacher should also be the school’s Guide, pointing the way forward for students to help them better understand themselves. Q-NEX technology allows teachers to provide engaging and interactive lessons. This can enhance students’ learning experience by promoting collaboration and immersion. Teachers can make use of interactive tools, virtual simulations, and collaborative learning platforms to further enrich classroom content and make the classroom more attractive and interactive. Students can also use their interactive screen devices to participate in class, share ideas, and collaborate with classmates in real-time.

5. Digitizing the learning space

Because of the complexity of Students’ learning mode, digitizing the learning space plays an indispensable role in tapping students’ interest in learning and helping them learn from each other.             

Digital Podium - NDP100 19
Digital Podium – NDP100 19

5.1The complexity of student learning

To a certain extent, the learning characteristics of the students are complicated Every student possesses unique characteristics, learning interests, and habits. Some students prefer using visual aids to enhance their comprehension, while others prefer hands-on practice courses to strengthen their learning results. Therefore, when promoting student learning in digital transformation, it is important to analyze specific problems in a specific manner.

5.2 Q-NEX Collaborative learning solution

Collaborative learning is also known as peer-to-peer teaching. More and more teachers organize students to use collaborative learning in their teaching activities. Q-NEX Collaborative learning solution is also a way to promote the digital transformation of learning processes. Q-NEX Collaborative learning solution has many useful tools for enhancing team collaboration. It has the function of document sharing, online meetings, team chat, and so on.

For comparative learning mode, teachers can also collect group work and broadcast the outcomes of group discussions in public. Through the Q-NEX Collaborative Learning Solution, students’ critical thinking skills and cooperation abilities can be enhanced.

Q-NEX collaborative learning solutions can create an interactive and cooperative environment in the classroom, allowing students to participate in meaningful interactions and enhance students’ in-depth understanding of teaching topics, promote students’ active learning, critical thinking, and People skills, foster students’ active participation, teamwork and critical thinking, and to create a collaborative learning environment.

5.3 Enhancing Classroom Connectivity

By connecting to a Student’s PC via IQshare WP45, students can easily interact and collaborate with peers without having to walk around or exchange ideas. Each group member can easily share their learning and innovative ideas from a Student’s PC connection to an IQTouch or Teacher’s PC. This simplified process ensures that students can contribute effectively and participate in discussions, thus maximizing their interaction and collaboration within the group. Peer teaching promotes a student-centered learning environment, allowing students to play an active role in their own education. Students no longer rely only on teachers to obtain information, but become active participants in the learning process, to develop their own sense of ownership and responsibility in learning.


Above all, we can push campus digital transformation from the perspectives of management, teaching, and learning. Q-NEX can provide outstanding customer experience, work hand in hand with your campus, keep the competitiveness of talent training, and embrace the digital age together. Of course, in the multi-dimensional and dynamic campus environment, we can promote the digital transformation of the campus from various aspects. If you are interested in promoting the digital transformation process on campus, please feel free to contact us. Let’s collaborate to create an intelligent, collaborative, and innovative teaching environment.

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