March 2, 2023

Cloud-based Class Monitoring System Aids Teacher Release Problem

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Cloud-based Class Monitoring System Aids Teacher Release Problem


In Chinese practice, a teacher is constantly a sign of persistence, noble, and obligation. 

In contemporary society, we still see extremely educators for their dedication to students. Any person would certainly have an instructor in his life that impresses him most. 

As we understand the hardships of the educator, we would like to do something to assist in launching the instructors’ problem. With our class administration system, instructors can quickly run classroom gadgets. 

Cloud-based Class Monitoring System Aids Teacher Release Problem - 1652429013347
Cloud-based Class Monitoring System Aids Teacher Release Problem – 1652429013347

What can the Q-NEX solution do?

Q-NEX is a cloud-based convergent remedy that involves tool control, accessibility control, AV matrix switch, set-up jobs, programs, and live streaming.
All these features can be achieved due to one NMP (networked media processor), one-touch panel, as well as one cordless mic. 

Versatile Q-NEX Networked Media Processor

As opposed to multiple gadgets, one NMP can be installed behind the display screen gadget(like an interactive whiteboard or an interactive level panel), a one-touch panel for the teacher to run without understanding the information of gadgets or wires, one wireless mic for teachers voice to cover class conveniently.

Empowering Educators

Knowing just how to run several gadgets in one NMP(rather than multiple tools assembled) undoubtedly decreases the price of learning for educators, besides, as NMP’s name suggests, N is for networked, which we can operate tools whenever or anywhere we can connect to the Net. Teachers won’t stress whether they forget to turn off the power or otherwise. In addition, educators can likewise set scheduled jobs to turn off devices. 
When it’s a rainy day, or there’s not nearly enough room in an amphitheater, teachers are not concerned about assembling students, a statement can be relayed to chosen class display gadgets, and trainees can hear and see even more clearly. 

Flexible, Networked AV Solutions from Q-NEX

We wish that educators could obtain aid from increasingly more devices in the classroom instead of sparing much time discovering how to operate them, we hope that teachers will not bother when assembling students on rainy days, we hope that teachers will not suffer sore throats any longer, we hope that educators will certainly get released from repeated works like examining whether classroom gadgets are switched off class by class, we hope that teachers can take pleasure in and enhance every minute in the class. 

We hope that educators will use Q-NEX remedy as early as possible, thus troubles will not be troubles any longer.

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