March 6, 2023

Best Classroom Tools IQBoard Interactive Whiteboards

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Best Classroom Tools IQBoard Interactive Whiteboards


Interactive whiteboards: a valuable tool that can enhance the learning experience or a retrograde step back to classrooms where students are just passive consumers of information.

Collaborative Learning - Q NEX Group Learning Solution 14 scaled
Collaborative Learning – Q NEX Group Learning Solution 14 scaled

 IWB is an effective learning tool. It allows teachers to unleash the full power of multimedia in their language classrooms. Previously, much digital learning material was consigned to the self-access center, rather than being an integral part of a lesson. Now, the fact that the IWB is linked to a computer and electronic data projector means that the internet, video, animation, photographs, and PowerPoint can all be used to create memorable presentations.


Those who do make the purchasing decisions are usually furthest from the chalk face. Which manufacturer should they go for? In the red corner, IQBoard, with its e-pen and comprehensive range of peripherals. In the blue corner, IQBoard, with their latest software release. IQBoard interactive whiteboard can be fixed to a hard surface, such as a normal whiteboard. It is positioned next to an image of a computer screen from the data projector, and it is this image that then becomes interactive. This device could be a boon for those seeking a low-cost way to try out IWB functionality with small groups.


IQBoard interactive whiteboard is a great choice for schools among the most interactive whiteboard brands. With IQBoard interactive whiteboard, The teacher can reveal a photograph bit by bit, for instance, to generate interest in a topic. Language practice can be fun and motivating, with students coming out to the front to manipulate objects on the whiteboard and engage in awareness-raising activities. When a picture or document is displayed on the whiteboard, teachers can annotate or write on it using a stylus that provides a plethora of additional information to the lesson. This information could include anything trivia, quiz, definitions, labels, definitions, supporting images, or accompanying audio and video. Teachers can also save their sessions on the board, and revisit them if need be. 

As the world of language teaching seems gripped in yet another heated debate, it is worth remembering that an IWB is, essentially, a tool. It can help create a rich learning environment, but it all depends on how you use it.

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