March 6, 2023

A New Way of Learning by Q-NEX NMP

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A New Way of Learning by Q-NEX NMP


Smart classrooms are becoming a reality by introducing new technologies, such as interactive whiteboards and Smart Boards. 

Q-NEX NMP, Networked Media Processor, is a new way of learning mainly designed for assisting a school’s IT admin to manage various electronic facilities in a school and making teachers easy to control all the devices with a tool in a multimedia classroom.

Traditional Methods vs. Modern Methods of Learning

There are many methods of learning. Many people think that these two approaches are different, but they are actually very similar. The difference between the two is how you learn information.

The traditional method of learning comprises teaching students through lectures, while the modern method comprises providing interactive content.

An interactive course can provide instant feedback and an opportunity to learn from your mistakes quickly. Some people learn by reading books, while others learn by watching videos on YouTube. A lecture may be sufficient for some subjects, but in others, it will take too long to cover all the topics.

The Q-NEX Smart Campus Solutions

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The Q-NEX Smart Campus Solutions are a series of interconnected devices that provide various services to students. It also allows student groups to communicate with each other, allowing them to share notes on assignments and study guides across multiple campuses.

Each device connects to the other devices through a wireless network, which allows for instant communication between all the devices. This makes it easy for students to access information about their classes and instructors quickly.

You can find out more about q-nex education solutions on the official website here

Using the Software and Hardware to Build a Smart Campus Solution

The first step in building a smart campus solution is to determine which technology you want to use. To build a smart campus solution, you need to have software and hardware. Different software and hardware components need to be used to build a smart campus solution.

The software component needs to include the use of mobile devices, web applications, videoconferencing, social media platforms, and other types of information management systems. Hardware includes cameras and sensors, such as motion detectors or doorbells, which can be monitored through an application on a smartphone or tablet device.  

Here, we recommend some hardware with the latest smart technology from q-nex, including NMP and media box, or touch panel, making your campus life like an audio and video feast.

Benefits of Smart Campus Solutions

Smart Campus Solutions is a complete IT solution that enables colleges and universities to improve the student experience. For Q-NEX smart campus solution, is not only an AV distribution system but also a school PA system, the best tool for school administrators with one touch to handle all.

It can help schools improve their management, security, and efficiency without wasting money on expensive solutions that don’t work.

How the Q-NEX Networked Media Processor Works

The Q-NEX networked media processor is an AV integrator that can broadcast digital audio and video resources throughout the campus. It is a new device that makes it possible to play media over the internet.

This device can be connected to any display screen, computer, or set-top box. It works by transcoding multimedia files and sending them over the internet so they can be played on another device.

The NMP works with an encoder and a decoder, which are devices that convert audio and video files stored on your computer into formats that your NMP can understand.

Features of the Networked Media Processor

The Networked Media Processor (NMP) is the brain of school device management. It’s an integrated system that enables centralized control and AV distribution throughout the campus based on network connection.

The Networked Media Processor (NMP) helps you manage the audio and video signals of your classroom control system.

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