December 20, 2023

6 Customer Reviews of Q-NEX Networked Presentation Switcher

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6 Customer Reviews of Q-NEX Networked Presentation Switcher


Presentation Switcher now gradually become a popular and well-supported technique. Since the release of Q-NEX Networked Presentation Switcher NPS100 for a period of time, we have received numerous positive reviews from users. Today, we will filter through six user reviews to obtain valuable product development guidance. Our innovations are truly guided by customer feedback. By gaining insight from these direct experiences, we can further develop the NPS100 to best facilitate local and online meeting experiences, maximize engagement with multi-device connectivity, and centralize conference room control and management in the future.

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1. Experience: Create a pleasant meeting experience

1.1 Customer review

“Your switcher took our virtual conferences to the next level. Speakers loved how smoothly it transitioned between slides and videos. Attendees said it felt much more polished than just screen sharing. This will boost engagement for future online events. ”

——J. Thompson, Meetings Manager

1.2 Product feature

1.2.1 4K ultra clear image quality: Providing an immersive conference experience for online meetings

When Q-NEX Networked Presentation Switch NPS100 is connected to a USB camera, it can capture the spokesperson’s face, demeanor, and audience interaction, providing clear feedback on the effect for the host and spokesperson. The audience who did not participate in the remote meeting presented an immersive conference experience from all aspects.

1.2.2 Clear audio: not missing the speaker’s key points

The advanced Q-NEX Networked Presentation Switch NPS100 can be connected to a USB microphone and USB speaker via the USB port of the panel. In this way, the audience of online meetings can also understand the speaker’s intentions and viewpoints from a more comprehensive perspective through ultra-clear sound quality, such as identifying new insights from tone and voice.

2. Application: Facilitate the smooth operation of a webinar

Our presentation switcher has received overwhelmingly positive feedback for helping webinar hosts smoothly facilitate virtual events.

2.1 Customer review

“As an ed-tech company, presentation quality is so important for us. Your switcher ensured flawless playback during our product launch webinar. In addition, when Q-NEX Networked Presentation Switch NPS100 is used in conjunction with IQVideo Portable Picture Capture System LCS910, through video playback, we can analyze in detail which content resonates most with the audience and summarize valuable suggestions from it. It’s now an essential tool for all our virtual training sessions. ”

——A. Johnson, VP of Marketing

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2.2 Product feature

Advanced Q-NEX Networked Presentation Switcher NPS100 is a 2×2 matrix switcher with high-resolution functionality in HDMI format, up to 4k@60hz 4: 4:4 not only simplifies operations but also improves work efficiency. The 4K resolution can fully display various rare or detailed objects, such as medical operation processes, which enhances the experience of webinars. A high frame rate can effectively reduce screen delay, ensure smooth sharing and question-answering during the webinar process, and create a professional sense of technology for customers.

3. Business: Efficient and time-saving remote meeting mode

Our Q-NEX presentation switcher enables an efficient and time-saving remote meeting mode for businesses.

3.1 Customer review

“Being able to control presentations remotely while seeing live video of attendees has completely changed how we conduct board meetings. No more emailing files back and forth – just seamless collaboration from anywhere. This has saved us hundreds of hours annually. ”

——J. Smith, CFO

3.2 Product feature

As a meeting assistant suitable for small and medium-sized meeting rooms, the high-performance Q-NEX Networked Presentation Switcher NPS100 provides a connection and switching solution for multiple speakers during meetings. It is compatible with cameras, microphones, and other audiovisual devices, enhancing both offline and online meeting experiences.

4. Convenience: Maximizing the elimination of fear of meetings

Creating a feeling of convenience and reassurance is so important for maximizing participation in commercial meetings. Our customers consistently provide feedback that the Q-NEX presentation switcher helps eliminate common fears and frustrations associated with online conferences and collaboration.

4.1 Customer review

“The intuitive interface allowed me to focus on facilitating, not fumbling with tech. Participants said the polished experience boosted engagement. Now instead of dreading online meetings, our team looks forward to connecting on your platform weekly. ”

——Jane S., Project Manager at Tech Firm

4.2 Product feature

The intuitive interface of the touch panel which connects requires little to no training. This lowers stress and allows everyone to focus on the agenda, not on technical learning curves.

5. Education: Greatly enhances student engagement

Unlike static demonstrations, providing constantly changing stimuli by switching learning content can help teachers easily increase their learning enthusiasm and classroom participation.

5.1 Customer review

“At a university, online learning is core to our mission. Your switcher brought interactivity to multi-media presentations and smart networking features. Students said it was the best virtual classroom experience yet. Student engagement is up 20% since adopting your solution! ”

——Dr. Robert F., Dean of Education

5.2 Product feature

Teachers can bring their laptops to the classroom for teaching. In addition, the KVM function of Q-NEX NPS100 allows teachers to control multiple computers or devices through keyboard, video, and mouse, simplifying teaching operations and improving teaching efficiency.

6. Management: Unified and convenient centralized management of devices

The unified device management portal for our Q-NEX presentation switcher system brings significant advantages for IT administrators and meeting organizers.

6.1 Customer review

“As IT administrator, precision is paramount for remote collaboration. Your system’s central control and instantaneous transitions between presentation device and meeting room device management. ”

——Dr. Lucinda G., VP of Medical Education

6.2 Product feature

IT administrators can access the web console through a browser or Q-NEX App for remote control anytime, anywhere enabling better pre-meeting settings and post-meeting power management of conference room equipment. Regarding the introduction of this performance characteristic, we have also mentioned it in previous articles. If you prefer the convenience of remote management mode, you can click here.


Thank you for our clients loving the new Q-NEX presentation switcher. As the leading provider of solutions for virtual meetings and learning experiences, we’re always looking for feedback to improve. For companies like us dedicated to optimizing local meeting experience and video conference collaboration, we think customer feedback is gold. If you want to feel why the Q-NEX Presentation Switcher is a meeting helper, you can contact us for further consulting and purchasing.

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