October 20, 2023

3 Highly Effective Q-NEX Solutions for Visual Learners

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3 Highly Effective Q-NEX Solutions for Visual Learners


Education promoting technological development is no longer a new thing. Q-NEX has always adhered to the mission of using technology to assist education, providing solutions for many educators. Q-NEX has provided many solutions for the education field and corporate meeting rooms. In this article, we will recommend three extremely productive Q-NEX AV solutions to help visual learners enhance study outcomes.

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1. The learning demand of visual learners

Meeting the learning needs of visual learners requires a multifaceted approach. By fostering collaborative and interactive learning environments and igniting learning with compelling visual appeal, educators can effectively engage visual learners and unlock their full potential.

Visual learners have a preference for diverse visual media material, we need to meet their preference for varied learning materials. Visual learners thrive in collaborative and interactive learning environments, so it is important to foster such an atmosphere. In order to Ignite learning with compelling visual appeal, we need to provide visual learners with the strong visual appeal of learning materials.

2. An overview of Q-NEX solutions

Based on an in-depth analysis of environmental requirements and user pain points. Q-NEX has launched a series of solutions that combine the functions of products.

2.1 Streamline workflow

These various combinations can maximize the functional attributes of the space. And increase space efficiency. These solutions can also reduce the workload of IT administrators. Its remote control and device management capability can streamline the workflows of administrators.

2.2 Enhance user-friendly

Q -NEX solutions have user-friendly features. It helps teachers reduce the learning and usage costs of high-tech equipment. And also enhance their teaching enthusiasm.

2.3 Strengthen classroom engagement

At the same time, Q-NEX solutions can also provide students with rich learning resources. These audio video contents enhance students’ learning efficiency. Furthermore, classroom interaction and enthusiasm between teachers and students can also get great advancement.

Besides, Q-NEX not only contributes wisdom to the education industry. Q-NEX also provides workable and valuable solutions for business and commerce. If you want to know about the application and development of business scenarios, we have also provided detailed information in previous articles. You can click here to learn about the role of business solutions in Boosting Productivity, Engagement, and Flexibility.

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3. Empowering Visual Learners: 3 Highly Effective Q-NEX Solutions

There are three efficient Q-NEX solutions for visual learners in the smart campuses. These solutions mainly have their functions. Including enhancing the visual memory learning interactivity of visual learners. And provide a wide variety of visual materials to enhance their abilities. Q-NEX designs these solutions to optimize the educational experience of visual learners. It also enables them to excel academically and fully unleash their potential.

3.1 Strengthen Visual Memory with Lecture Capture Classroom Solution

Lecture Capture classroom has the functions of live streaming, with this capability, many real-time video resources can be broadcast to any other place in the school.

3.1.1 Auto-tracking camera

Unlike fixed cameras, the lecture capture system used in the Q-NEX camera capture classroom system has a more remarkable function. It can auto-track teachers, and capture their demonstration actions and postures. That allows visual learners to immerse themselves more in the classroom.

3.1.2 AV matrix switching

The teacher’s teaching course has a variety of teaching activities. Such as topic explanation. This requires activating the document camera to capture the textbook’s topics. When it comes to the knowledge point explanation phase, the AV matrix switching function needs to be performed through NMP to present the teaching courseware images prepared on the teacher’s computer. Capture also has the function of recording teacher teaching content, which helps visual learners enhance their understanding of knowledge points and reinforce learning through diverse visual media content.

3.1.3 Rich and flexible course presentation

The teaching scene needs changes. So the teacher will switch different views of the courseware. And also close-up images of difficult problems. When the teacher explains the courseware through the touch screen, the video station will switch the courseware screen to the recording main screen, and the entire process does not require manual operation. This can increase the focus of visual learners.

3.1.4 Course recording for review

The course offers recorded content that allows students to focus more on the teacher’s operational details through review.Because when the teacher operates cumbersome equipment, it may easily make visual learners concerned about the teacher’s insignificant behavior. which to some extent affects the acceptance of knowledge.

3.2 Enhance Learning Interactivity with a collaborative learning solution

Interacting with people is also a very important part of visual presentation. In classroom settings, interaction mainly includes interaction between teachers and students, as well as peer cooperation between student groups.

3.2.1 Highly engagement

Collaborative learning is a highly beneficial educational approach that promotes student collaboration, active participation in the learning journey, and the cultivation of valuable social skills.

3.2.2 Seamlessly sharing

Smart school solutions provide a screen-sharing system. Students can actively participate in discussions, and debates, and reinforce their comprehension of their visual screen of discussion outcome materials. By actively engaging with the visual content, students can develop critical thinking skills, problem-solving abilities, and a deeper understanding of the subject matter.

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3.3 Receive Diverse Visual Materials with Smart School Solutions

Smart school solutions can provide a comprehensive platform for students to receive a wide range of visual materials tailored to their educational needs.

3.3.1 Exploring a new world in the library

Smart school solutions can enhance the educational experience for visual learners by integrating AV broadcasts within the library, playing expert forums, and presenting videos of books and conversations, providing valuable resources to support their intellectual and personal growth.

3.3.2 Expand knowledge during meals

Broadcasting audio and video in the school cafeteria is an important component of the campus broadcasting system. The cafeteria is a place that students frequently visit throughout the day, and it is also a place for visual learners to establish social relationships and relax. By playing audio and video broadcasts in the cafeteria, the school has the potential to enrich students’ overall learning experience, allowing visual learners to broaden their horizons and expand their knowledge through visual media resources during the dining process.

In summary, whether it is a capture classroom solution, a smart campus solution, or a collaborative learning solution, it can provide visual learners with rich learning materials, leverage their learning advantages, learn from each other, and maximize learning outcomes. If you are interested in our solution, you can click here to consult us.

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