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Project Background

The University of Ghana, the oldest and largest university in Ghana, aims to elevate its existing hybrid learning environments by providing immersive and highly interactive hybrid classes campus-wide and beyond, catering to both on-campus and online hybrid learning students.

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The Challenge

Currently, teachers can only use their laptops for online classes, limiting online students’ view to just the teacher and courseware, missing out on peer interactions in physical classrooms. And the existing classroom equipment lacks seamless display and control of diverse AV contents, hindering effective engagement and interaction for both in-class and online students. The university seeks to create a highly immersive, engaging, and interactive hybrid learning environment, extending its benefits to online learners as well.

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Q-NEX Solution

Device Control at One Stop

To achieve streamlined and centralized control, the university deploys the Q-NEX Network Media Processor (NMP), integrating multimedia devices such as IQTouch interactive display, IQVideo lecture capture system, and IQView document camera through universal AV and control ports. This enables one-stop control on the Q-NEX touch panel, allowing teachers and IT administrators to efficiently operate and control the devices with a single tap.

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Wireless and Seamless Display of Diverse AV Contents

To foster a highly engaging environment, the solution incorporates the wireless presentations system IQ Share (WP40 Share Box and Share Button), integrated with NMP, IQTouch interactive displays, and document cameras. Teachers can wirelessly share courseware and presentations from their laptops to interactive displays and easily switch to the document camera input source. The seamless display and control of diverse AV contents enhance student engagement, while the Q-NEX app enables sharing of pre-recorded AV resources from Q-NEX cloud for enriched learning experiences.

Convenient and Immersive Hybrid Learning

For campus-wide and online hybrid learning, the university employs the LCS610 lecture capture system with auto-tracking cameras, ensuring remote students closely follow the class. Teachers can enrich video content with various layouts, and AV broadcasting on the Q-NEX platform enables live streaming to different displays in selected classrooms. Moreover, teachers can conduct hybrid class via VC platforms like Zoom for online learning students, sharing the real-time class or lecture captured by the lecture capture system. This comprehensive solution enhances engagement and interaction for both in-class and online students.

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Remote Control and Automation

By integrating all devices with NMP, IT administrators gain the ability to set up device automation on the Q-NEX platform, scheduling in-room devices to power on or off at preset times. This results in energy savings and reduced manpower costs. Additionally, administrators can conveniently control the devices remotely from anywhere, enhancing overall efficiency and management.

Overall, the Q-NEX solution transforms the University of Ghana’s hybrid learning environment, providing an immersive and interactive experience for students both on-campus and online, ensuring academic excellence and fostering student success.

Layout of Connected Devices

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